How To Maintain The Right Mindset As A Teacher

By Emmanuel Asiedu
Art How To Maintain The Right Mindset As A Teacher

Mindset more than anything else is the best predictor of success. Contrary to popular belief, high achievement isn’t merely a product of talent or ability.

It is important to note that, our internal beliefs about our own abilities, skills, and potential actually fuel behavioral patterns and hence predict our success.

Leading Stanford psychologist Carol Dweck argues that the pivotal quality separating successful people from their unsuccessful counterparts is whether they think their intelligence can be developed versus believing it is fixed.

Hence, as a teacher, aside from dealing with tutoring challenges, there is a need for you to know how you can give a new life to your teaching without sleepless nights, sacrificing time or losing your sanity.

Let’s talk about how to do this:
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1. Be a professional at all times.
Dress appropriately for your teaching environment. Keep your teaching materials and lesson environment organized. Spend time preparing for each day of teaching. Show respect when talking with your colleagues and students. Think about what it means to be a professional teacher and try to live up to that model.

It sometimes helps to think about one of your past teachers who you would describe as a true professional. Try to think about how you could in some ways mimic their behaviors in your own teaching and career.

2. Laugh and keep your sense of humor.
Try to teach your students that learning doesn’t have to be serious 24/7. If you do something that is funny or goofy, then laugh at yourself. Being a bit self-deprecating will make your students more comfortable with you. If you incorporate humor or jokes into your lesson plans, then your students will likely remember the material better as well.

3. Repeat positive mantras on bad days.
Not every teaching day will go perfectly and some might even fall into the category of disaster. However, it’s important to stay positive or your students will pick up and reflect your negative energy. Take a moment to tell yourself, “It’s going to be okay,” or, “Tomorrow is a new day.” Put a smile on your face and keep going.

You might even say out loud, “I love teaching because…” and list off a few reasons. For example, think about a moment when you saw real improvement in a student’s life due to your efforts.

If it’s been a bad day for the students, too, then you might even say that you want to do a “re-set.” Tell them that you want to formally start the day over from that point forward.

4. Create good relationships with the parents of your students.

Communication is key when working with parents. Keep in touch with them via in-person conferences as well as written behavioral reports. Let them know that you are interested in their ideas and perspectives on teaching. You can also solicit their help for events and celebrations in your lessons.

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