Recovery After Knee ReplacementSurgery

By Bakul Arora
Art Recovery After Knee ReplacementSurgery

Recovery after knee replacement surgery is the step by step procedure and can be gradually recovered in the appropriate time. It is more supporting when the patient has the encouragement of their family and friends. The first stage of recovery is just after the surgery. Early days after the surgery might seem a little uncomfortable due to surgery. Even though patients can walk just after 2-3 hours of surgery. Some pain killers are provided to ease the pain after the surgery, but this medicine are not recommended to consume for the longer duration.

Second method to relieve the pain is to use homemade ice pack. After the surgery the knee is typically swollen so applying the ice pack over the swollen area benefits to reduce the swelling and pain. Use a zip lock bags for more benefit.

By practicing the above two remedies after the post-surgery, total recovery of the patient is seen within 4 to 6 weeks. There are some don’ts that patient should follow after the knee replacement surgery such as travelling should be avoided for atleast 3 weeks after the surgery. Some people feel comfortable for driving. However, it is recommended to avoid long trips up to 6 weeks after knee replacement surgery.

By six weeks after the surgery many patients experience less pain. At this time it is common for patients to notice that their knee may click or clunk. This noise is normal and is caused by some minor motion between the thigh bone and the plastic component attached to the shin bone which helps in the better strength in the knee.

For some patients it may take upto 12 weeks to recover fully. Working patients can join back to work and normal routine between 6 to 12 weeks after the surgery.

Dr. Bakul Arora,
Knee Replacement Surgeon, Thane.

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