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6 guide to Social media for lawyers in Ghana

By Moora Salam
6 guide to Social media for lawyers in Ghana

Social media has changed the way we communicate and connect on a personal level, and it’s now increasingly relevant in the communications between lawyers, their clients and the courts. But how are Ghanaian lawyers using it to create awareness, acquire new clients and educate or inform. In this article i talk about five tips lawyers and law firm can use the social media to educate whiles creating awareness for their brand and acquiring new client.

Why you need it.

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Social media tools like youtube, facebook, Linkedin, blog and Twitter provide cheap and fast way to keep in touch with clients and prospect,generate new clients and keep up to date with industry trends. Many smart lawyers are now using social media to gain exposure for their law firms and gain advantage over their competitors. Below are my 6 guide to Social media for lawyers in Ghana.

1 Are you on social media?
The first thing to do is,find out what people are saying about you or your law firm. You can do this by heading to google and search about your brand example: “Your name or law firm” and click enter. Make sure you add the quotation marks. Also go to twitter, Facebook to see what people are saying about you or your brand.

If no-one is mentioning your law firm, why not? You’re probably not interesting or remarkable enough on social media.

2 Keywords Research
Many lawyers and law firm assume that the best social media platform for them is LinkedIn, but that is not necessarily the case. Lawyers and law firms can acquire new clients in almost all the social networks. So how do you do that? You start with some research. Lets be practical a little, first create a list of keywords that reflect your area of expertise.Phrase them in the way your clients might talk about those topics A create an excel document and name it anything. In it, create a two column and give them titles “Keywords and Social network”. Now lets start the research process. For this example i will be using three social media. YouTube, Facebook,Twitter

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To search for what people are watching on YouTube, go to and enter the keyword your target audience will be watching. See the example below. Search for different keywords and list them in your excel sheet so you can easily refer to it anytime. For more YouTube keywords tools you can try or google for more.

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There are many web applications and listening tools that can help you conduct keyword research for Twitter by tracking popular hashtags, trending Twitter topics and more. Here are some of my favorite sources for Twitter keyword research. – Provides graphs on Twitter #hashtags and hashtag use; find the most popular and newest hashtags

Twitter Search – Track the hottest trends on Twitter and click on a stream to pull up a feed of the public conversation

Trendistic – See the top trending keywords in Twitter

TwitScoop – Search and follow what’s buzzing on twitter in real-time

TweetVolume – Enter your keywords and see how often they appear on Twitter

TweetScan – Incorporate Twitter search and historical search to access more than 220 million Tweets

TweetGrid – Create a real-time Twitter Search dashboard

TweetBeep – Save target keywords, receive email alerts you tweets containing your keywords

For this example we are going to base our research using it self. Login to your twitter account,

on the top right corner you will see a search bar, enter the keyword you are searching. Remember the purpose of this

research is to find out what others are people talking about in your field of expertise. You can use the twitter advance search for customization

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Researching keywords on Facebook is not as easy as with social networking sites like Twitter.

Start your research by running a query for a target keyword in the internal search bar.Then click on the option- See all result “For your keyword”

Much like Google’s real time search feature, Facebook search updates automatically in real time, offering a fresh and

constant stream of new keyword ideas and opportunities. Use this Facebook keyword research data for targeted relationship building. Reach out and connect with potential customers, but make sure you give them a reason to want to connect with you.

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Don’t forget the niche social networks or groups either. If you specialize in business law for instance, join business

groups on LinkedIn to check out highly targeted traffic. If you’re not sure what the niche networks are for your sector, feel free to get in touch.

3 Choosing a platform

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Is time to choose which social media platform you are going to invest much of your time and effort in. Be careful not try to use all of them unless you have a team to help you. Take your time to plan the approach you are going to use as a successful social media marketing campaign starts with good strategic planning. Another great idea is to take a look at what your competitors are working on their social social media site and adapt some of this ideas.

4 Goals
Make sure you set yourself some specific, measurable goals before you start. Your initial goals can be fairly modest. To begin with a valid goal may simply be learning – e.g. learning the platforms, better understanding your clients and their motivations, and learning what types of content works. As you move forward you may want to set some goals around growing your audience of fans and followers.

5 Planning

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Plan what you are going to talk about. Think why it might be interesting to your target audience. Think why they might want to share it. Effective use of social media means creating content that is provocative. That is, it provokes a

reaction in the readers such that they want to share it with their friends or engage with you on the topic.

6 Create a blog

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Your blog is tremendously important. Create a blog and a content plan so you know what you plan to publish and when you plan to publish it. Write content to attract your target audience and plan how you will use your social media outposts to spread your massage. Publish post that help your target audience make the right decisions. Make sure you write more about them and less about your service.

These are just some few tips to help you start. You can visit my blog to read more tips that will help you grow your business or acquire more clients. If you are looking for tools that will help you reach your goals faster you can find them in my blog. And there great free eBooks to help. If you have any questions or want free advise don’t hesitate to reach me through our website.

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Have you tried out social media and found success for your law firm? Share your story with me in the comments below!

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