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The Political Adjustments For Ghana's Economic Growth

By Chief-icons Rashid Bawah
The Political Adjustments For Ghana's Economic Growth
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When will Ghana Media broadcast productive political reviews that can add value, and contribute positive directives to the growth of our nation Ghana ? Are we not Fedup with this propaganda infrastructure politics against economy ? Where politicians instead of inventing productive income generating policies to boost Ghana's economy , they rather come to discuss same old stuffs with no signs of improvement or change.

Insanity is doing the same thing all the time and expecting different results ,all that we have seen/heard on our media over the years is people/politicians with lack of practical and technical innovations not to even mention technological innovations . Coming on Tv with written notes to back your points is like setting your own tests and answering them(This is why some people remain teachers forever but their innovative students graduates into great successful entrepreneurship).

If your party leader is described as incompetent, then it means all of his officials are incompetent too because practical leaders invent innovations and invest into making such inventions a reality While his team help him extent to areas that means the demands of the people keeping you in power with their own directives and innovations as well . Leadership goes with innovations but African leader don't have that vision and wisdom to apply innovation to their leaderships. Government has to focus and invest much in Technological Entrepreneurial Education , that is the education that has productive solutions to implement general education,technical education,vocational education and produce more leaders to eliminate poverty in the world.

Technological Entrepreneurial Education is the understanding the world Lacks. And this system of education is the only weapon to achieve successful globalization. Quality Education produce productive entrepreneurship and strengthen Industrial Revolution. Practical and technical education helps you put your intensive innovations into extensive use.

Within Technological Entrepreneurial Education lies the solutions to all the maladies of the world e.g ENERGY,SANITATION,SPORTS,AGRICULTURE,SECURITY. Acquiring advanced education broadens your understanding about general life ,at the same time keep one updated with the current society consciousness and builds them with the productive use of their personal innovations. But self education makes you unique in business and general life.

Ghana politicians are perfect definition for Bill Gates(world richest man for decades) quote which states that " Success is a lousy teacher which seduces smart people into thinking they can't lose ". Over confidence in the little comfort that comes from the few millions made by our politicians steals their rational mentality making them think they have conquered their world of success .

Sooner even people born with the FOOLISHNESS virus will be healed from such mentalities , and we all know what happens when the very people that votes to elect you becomes violence and decides to use guns in violence oppositions. Ghana is lagging far behind in all areas of developments because everyone(even our high profile dignitaries) waits for government to do for them things which they can do themselves when the developments of Ghana is concerned. Refusal to do this is what makes politicians waste citizens time with cheap infrastructures like roads,energy ,sanitation and the rest when there is more they can do with innovations.

Ghana can lead Africa to the United Zone only if our leaders will lower their prides to learn from Chief-Icons . Some policies has to be repealed and many has to be passed as well , Policy maintenance can be fully controlled and regulated to achieve it required results ,if leaders change theirs wealth acquisition mentality in public offices especially in government and concentrate on the core needs of the people keeping them there. American`s Past ,previous and residing presidents gave very promising thesis when economic policies are concerned, many promised similar resolutions BUT everything seems the same just like Africa ,Ghana especially .

Both Politicians, businessmen/women and smart youths are doing great but let's pride and ego makes them feel so comfortable and always want to be considered rich when we all know the real stories . Aliko Dangote has manage to beat 54 African continents to be recognized as African Richest Man for decades , which makes me wonder where our Ibrahim Mahama's, Addo Kuffor's, the Sam Jona's, the Desperate's and other great billionaires are ?

Could that be the reason why we ain't growing as a country or is they are not as wealthy as we think they are ? I believe once this Ghana wealthy dignitaries begin to do more, challenge and set goals for themselves , Ghana will be on it fastest way to economic freedom. High profile footballers and religious leaders are not excluded , they also have lots to do . The average Ghanaian also has a part to part since we all want a better Ghana. I wish to see them buy yachts like United Arab Emirates and the western world men and women , because once they can live freely in their desire styles can jobs be created to minimize poverty.

But Politicians should first of all encourage developments themselves by investing within the Ghanaian economy, that is the only way massive employments can be created within and outside governments making the private sector more entrepreneurial. Invention investors and investments has to initiated and demonstrated by residing and opposition governments . Politicians should minimize the talking and maximize doing , that's the only their campaigns will be implemented and made more attractive to both admirers,supporters , floating voters and apathy and apolitical citizens.

Solutions has always been outlined,identified and recognized with accuracy but lack of practical innovation inventions and productive formulas for executing such solutions by applying the right and true resolutions to achieve the end results of the solutions has always been a tough problem due to lack of understanding and leaders refusal to treat current global change with current techniques and advanced technological innovations. Innovation when subtracted from leadership increases poverty and make life much complicated and difficult for employed citizens and twisted misery for unemployed citizens.

Now let's Learn something from WalMart 7,000 Workers laid-off tragedy

That is the Genesis of extreme poverty in bulks but the damage has already been done so lets not waste much time over analyzing the problems . Let`s focus on the way forward because most of this workers maybe the breadwinners of many Ghanaian citizens so ,everyone one has to move faster into the Entrepreneur-Zone (entreprendre means "to undertake." In a business context, it means to start a business)

Everyone has to invent their uniqueness whether law,milliary,fashion,government, and whatever you can think of - just get something doing which can put food on your table and that of your family . This shows the clear importance of investing so much in Entrepreneurship Educations because we have over the decades focused so much on General education,vocational education and Technical education. Entrepreneurship combines all this together and add technological value which helps you utilize your innovations to create more leadership employments.

I believe 60% of those that are being laid-off has diplomas,MBAs ,PHds and other accredited qualifications, And i also believe many of them are 30yrs,40yrs,50yrs and above , SO what`s next for them coz many of them has only those qualifications to boost of as assets towards success . There has being all kinds of investors but its time for us to focus much in INVENTION INVESTMENTS.

I wish to see many of Invention Investors ,they are the best people that can rescue and build amazing brands from this laid-off crew.

Last Tip: Many entrepreneurs focused so much on Agric,Mining and oil but there is always more we can do with practical and technical innovations but only people with vision applies technology to such innovations to attract it desire profits.

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