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June 3, 2016 | Music

DJ/Promoter Maoludeo Spoke about Don Max Top the Music Chart in South African

Speaking with DJ/Promoter Maloudeo he said two of Bolgatanga boys music is topping their music chart in South Africa. Which one of them is the king of reggae and DanceHall music in the Upper East Region Kundivi Zaazzy.

He said Kunvidi Zaazzy Chamkandola Featuring Don Sigli is leading the music chart. While the number contender in Frafra rap music, born to rap to the local instrument known as “Kolkor” to the people of Upper East Region in the Northern part of Ghana.

He said Don Max Latohme featuring Amoro (Local Guitarist) is second on the music chart on 93.9 and 96.7 FM in South Africa.

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