Upper East Music Awards 2016

By Avinash Entertainment
Art Upper East Music Awards 2016

Delight box entertainment, the organizer of Upper East Music Awards wish to inform the general public about the activities line up towards the 2016 Upper East Music Awards night which will be on the 2nd April, 2015.

5th March 2016 clean up exercise. All musicians, Producers, DJs, Presenters and all lovers of Delight Box Entertainment Music Awards should join the exercise, area to clean The Main Lorry station.

Time: 7:00am meeting point: Jubilee Park
26th March peace float in the morning all musician, political parties, all youth wings and general public should help carry OUT the exercise.

Objective campaigning for peace during before and after the election 2016, meeting point Ramsey Sports Stadium time 7:30am all in white

26th March, 2016 evening Nominee Jams or Peace Concert. All musicians political parties and other stake holders.

Objective: Peace talks by stakeholder and heads of political parties ARTISTES OR MUSICIANS entertaining their fans.

Time: 7:00pm venue: Jubilee Park come cheer your artiste up

28th Fashion festival or show at the Jubilee Park

Time: 7:00pm
2nd April morning seminar for all artistes

2nd April evening the long awaiting night awards night.

Delight Box Entertainment promoting the culture of theatre art in the region

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