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Dec 3, 2015 | Health

Safe & Affordable Heart Valve Replacement in India With Travcure

Heart Valve Replacement
Heart Valve Replacement

Heart basically pumps bloodto the various parts of the body.Heart valve disease is a medical condition where one or multiple valves in the heart do not function properly. Healthy heart valves open and closein rhythm with heartbeats. In case a heart valve fails to open and close properly it can arise problems in the flow of blood.

Heart Valve Replacement Overview
Heart valves can be damaged through disease or aging. When the valve/valves do not function properly, it could give rise to problems like stenosis, which is an abnormal narrowing of the aortic valve. The valve should open properly so that the right amount of blood can be pumped through the heart. In case a valve doesn't close properly the blood leaks back into the heart chamber.This condition is called regurgitation. The type of treatment the doctors will recommend depends on the heart valve and severity of the valve disease. Heart valve disease depends on the particular valve which is affected. Following are the four types of heart valves:-

  • Aortic
  • Mitral
  • Pulmonary
  • Tricuspid

Treatment of the condition may include medication, balloon valvotomy, or heart valve replacement surgery. In heart valve replacement surgery the surgeon may take one of two approaches. Firstly, the doctor may repair the valve by tightening the valve and sewing a ring around the opening. The valve can be cut, separated, or shortened in order to make it function properly. Secondly, the surgeon may completely replace the valve with a prosthetic which can be a mechanical valve or a tissue valve.

Heart valve replacement surgery can offer several key benefits. After the replacement most patients may feel the results immediately. The procedure helps the heart function more effectively. The replaced valve has a durability of a lifetime. Around 50% or more patients do not need blood thinners. The surgery has a very good survival rate of the patients. Post heart valve replacement patients may feel better and regain strength and energy gradually.

Heart valve replacement surgery may sometimes give rise to complications. Generally these complications are related to the type of valve used. The risk for blood clot formation can show up a few days after surgery.In case the blood clot dislodges it can travel to lungs which can cause chest pain, shortness of breath or even death. Abnormal heartbeats called arrhythmias can also occur after surgery. Other heart valve complications such as bleeding during the surgery or infection in the chest incisionsmay sometimes occur.

Low cost treatment in India
India provides world class medical facilities and hospitals. Heart valve surgery is very expensive all around the globe whereas in India it is available at a very reasonable price with use of latest technology and treatments.

Why choose Travcure Medical Tourism Consultants?

Travcure Medical Tourism consultants are committed to provide you with the best medical treatments all over India. At Travcure every minute detail from traveling to appointmentswith doctors, examinations andpre and post procedure stay in India are taken care of. We try our best to make your stay comfortable and without any hassles.

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