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Sep 26, 2015 | Medical

3 best treatments by Travcure to end your Kidney Stone Sufferings

kidney stone
kidney stone

Kidney Stones, Nephrolithiasis or Renal Lithiasis are small, hard mineral deposits which form inside kidneys. Made up of minerals & acid salts, kidney stones have several causes & can affect any region of the urinary tract from kidneys to bladder. Allowing minerals to crystallize & stick together, they often form into stones & which can be quite painful. Although they cause no permanent damage, they can often be treated with pain medication along with plenty of water which will flush them out in case they are small in size. In other instances surgery may be required when they get lodged & grow in size & cause complications. Subsequently, doctors also recommend preventive treatment in future so as to reduce risk of recurrence of kidney stones.


Diagnosing Kidney Stones
When doctors suspect you are having kidney stones, s/he may ask you to take any or all of the following diagnostic tests & procedures for confirmation.

  • Blood Testing – While helping monitor health of the kidneys, this test will reveal too much uric acid or calcium in blood.
  • Urine Analysis – 24-Hour urine collection test will show if you are excreting many stone forming minerals or few stone preventing substances. You will be required to perform 2 urine collections for 2 consecutive days for this test.
  • Imaging – Imaging will show kidney stones that are lodged in your urinary tract. Imaging options include simple abdominal X-rays, dual energy computerized tomography (CT), Ultrasound, Intravenous Urography or CT Urogram.
  • Analysis of Passed Stones – You will be asked to urinate through strainer so as to catch stones when you pass. Subsequent analysis will reveal the mineral composition of kidney stones. The information is important to determining the cause of kidney stones.

Treatment for Kidney Stones
1. Small Kidney Stones

  • Pain Relievers – To relieve mild discomfort & pain doctors recommend pain relievers like ibuprofen, acetaminophen or naproxen sodium.
  • Medical Therapy – Some doctors may prefer giving you medication to help pass kidney stones. These medications are known as alpha blockers which help relax muscles in ureter.
  • Drinking Water – As much as 2 – 2.8 liters per day will help flush out the urinary system. Continue this until your doctor tells you otherwise or till the time you produce near clear urine.

2. Large Kidney Stones
These treatment options are for kidney stones that are too large to pass & cause bleeding, urinary tract infections & kidney damage.

  • Using Sound Waves to Crush Stones – Depending upon the location & size doctors may recommend Extracorporeal Shock Wave Lithotripsy (ESWL). This procedure creates strong local vibrations which break stones into tiny pieces that can eventually pass through urine.
  • Surgery to Remove Large Kidney Stones – Percutaneous Nephrolithotomy involves surgical removal of kidney stones using telescopes & instruments inserted through small incisions in the back. Commonly performed under general anesthesia, this procedure is recommended when ESWL has failed.
  • Using Ureteroscope to Remove Kidney Stones – Doctors will pass a thin lighted tube (Ureteroscope) which is equipped with camera through urethra & bladder to the ureter. When the stone is located, special instruments snare the stone & break it up into tiny pieces. Performed under general anesthesia, stents are subsequently placed in ureter to promote healing & relieve swelling.
  • Parathyroid Gland Surgery – Some stones are caused due to overactive parathyroid glands producing too much parathyroid hormone which increase calcium levels in blood subsequently causing kidney stones as a result. Removing benign tumors in parathyroid glands causing this condition eventually stops formation of kidney stones.

Kidney Stones Treatment in India
Kidney stone treatment is comparatively low-cost & affordable in India. Travcure medical tourism is associated with the best urology clinics in the country providing high quality treatment options for patients from all around the globe. Kidney stone patients from anywhere in the world can avail free telephonic or online consultation directly through their website at

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