FEATURED: Two Manhyia Palace Royals And Their Impact On Jurisprudence In Ghana...

10.07.2015 Personal


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Improve yourself. DON'T LET YOUR MIND USE YOU...YOU USE IT!!! We are EVERYTHING. Everything PASSES THROUGH US. We have the power to let it PASS THROUGH or stay WITHIN. Everything we desire is at our finger tips, it's not in the past or in the future but right here right now at our finger tips. We choose to let it manifest or not. We stop it from manifesting by creating trapped energies WITHIN us. How are these trapped energies created? With our minds....By our minds trying to answer questions it doesn't know the answers to. The more we use the mind in this way the more destructive we become. When the mind/ego is confronted with the unknown, it automatically goes to the worst case scenario, it then creates within itself all the emotions of fear, anger, guilt(Whatever it takes)...etc. in an attempt to get the answers. The longer the uncertainty exists the denser the emotions get (more fearful, guiltier etc.) The trapped energies WITHIN grow and feed of each other, getting bigger and bigger and allowing NOTHING to enter. This becomes a massive ball of negative emotional energies all in one body. YOU!!

All solutions and answers to the problem are all blocked from coming to you because WITHIN is full of the minds own creations. The key is the art of ACCEPTANCE...To be accepting you have to be aware. Whenever a thought comes into your mind first acknowledge (awareness) and accept it as is. This is the beginning of your spiritual journey. Doesn't mean don't take action, it simply means give the thought your fullest attention and awareness (Conscious mind), be thankful and appreciative that the mind has reminded you of something even if it's something you are not sure of or contradicts with your current situation. Accept that you are fearful of not knowing how you are going to pay the next bill... By doing so you are allowing this energy called fear to PASS THROUGH instead of it trapped WITHIN Unconsciously. By Accepting you are letting go and by letting go you are accepting. (The beginning of spiritual/personal growth). By letting it pass through you are creating room for all that you DESIRE. Let go of all your trapped energies... TAKE CONTROL OF YOUR INNER SPACE