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27.02.2014 Personal

Gay! Gay! Go AWAY! (The Crazy Ghanaian Speaks)

Gay! Gay! Go AWAY! (The Crazy Ghanaian Speaks)
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Disclaimer: If you find the title of this post offensive enough, please skip to the next post. I am Ghanaian. An African and I uphold the highest moral values. Thank You.

You know, I have had it with you gay supporters.. To Hell with you and what you stand for.. You go to Church on Sunday and say you believe in Jesus. Next moment, you talk about supporting gay rights and how they are human and should be allowed to feel free and be gay? For Heaven's sake, there is a structural family system designed by God.. A father, a Mother and kids…

But the devil has other plans for humanity.. So what does he do? He plants a stupid idea that man-to-man sexual intercourse is okay? My God! Is it normal for a man to sleep with a 3 year old? NO! He is a pedophile! Will you say its okay for a guy to rip off a girl's clothes and have sex with her? NO! That is called rape! Or is it now okay for a father to sleep with his daughter? No! Its not okay.. Its called incest.. A sick perversion.

But then when it comes to the act of two people of the same sex having sex. That is okay? That is allowed? You have been brainwashed by media. If you heard about gays and lesbians back in 1990s, you were frightened and disgusted about it..

That was because, back then, it was seen as a demonic and weird thing to practice but the media did this: they brought shows to Africa, where they put gay characters, trying to appeal to our brains that homosexuality is okay.. They brought Ugly Betty, Modern family and Glee.. and then when you watch such shows, you go like.. “MAYBE GAYS ARE NOT SO BAD AFTER ALL” What nonsense!!

And slowly, the thoughts of homosexuality did not frighten us, we stopped seeing it as ridiculous and started buying into that stupid idea that.. that maybe it is okay for two people of the same sex to do it.. you are okay as long as THEY DON'T BRING IT AROUND YOU..

And now, all of a sudden, it is a cool thing and if you say, you are against gays, then they say, you are not modern or that you are homophobic. They even go as far as saying that “SIN IS SIN”- You sin too and even though you are not gay, you sin too.. Trying to equate it and make it look okay.

The gay community is growing. They are growing like a powerful army. People do not want to be against them.. They sponsor politicians all around the world to win political power in hopes of getting gay legislation passed in their favor..

And now here is what is going to happen:
Man and man will marry. Woman and woman will marry. Then, they will want kids.. So they adopt- Now you have a man and man and kid. No mother figure in the child's life. The child grows up with that same sex orientation and thinks its okay to be gay or a lesbian..

Now imagine this: You have an adult from such a dysfunctional family and multiply that by the growing rate of gays in the world and pretty soon… Society will be destroyed. God's Order and Plan for mankind will be destroyed..

The world that we grew up in, will no longer exist and once that happens, sex with dogs will be next.. you can marry your dogs.. then you can marry a tree and fuck the tree.. HUMAN MOTHERFUCKING RIGHTS? After all, you can not help who you love because you are born that way! WTF!!

So what I am trying to say is this:
There are spiritual implications. God's Plan for humanity will be gone forever. Just because we could not speak up!

There are a lot of health implications. AIDS and HIV started in the 1960s and became rampant. And let me further educate you, monkeys did not bring HIV. The government did, to erase the gay community that threatened to fuck up, the human evolution as we know it. What they did not calculate, was these people would sleep with women again.

Ask any medical doctor. HIV is easily gotten through the arse. These faggots and lesbians out only going to destroy us and everything we have known. Just because you gave the okay and refused to speak up!

My Bible does not support it. Neither does your Qur'an. So why the fuck will you say.. “IT IS OKAY TO BE GAY. WE SHOULD NOT JUDGE THEM!” We will not pick up stones and stone them, we will not kill them like the Nigerians are doing.. BUT WE WILL NOT OKAY THE ACT!! We won't!

It is a filthy act and it should not be rewarded with a pat on the back and any form of acceptance. Please stop saying things like, “I DON'T CARE ABOUT GAYS, AFTER ALL ENO BE ME THEM THEY FUCK” Do not subconsciously approve their act!

Please do not okay it. It is a sick perversion and they should be prayed for. Serious prayers! I am okay if you don't agree with me, that is cool but as long as I have passed my message to just ONE Person, then I am more than happy.

Take a stand or watch our world crumble apart for our great great grand children. TAKE A STAND!!

Its @isavedhersoul on twitter. The Crazy Ghanaian on WordPress and Facebook. Thank you for taking time off to read this. I apologize for the use of strong language, and please don't keep those thoughts in your head. Share them below in the comment box. I shall return as always. Peace!