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May 26, 2013 | Medical

Act of Psychiatry, it an ‘Manslaughter's’ Obscene for pharmaceutical experiment"

Act of Psychiatry, it an 'Manslaughter's' Obscene for pharmaceutical experiment
Act of Psychiatry, it an 'Manslaughter's' Obscene for pharmaceutical experiment"

"Act of Psychiatry, it an 'Manslaughter's' Obscene for pharmaceutical experiment"

'I turned to you for help and you betrayed my trust. Now I have nowhere to turn'

...That was the last written word in medical science hand of doctors in this world from European country Psychiatrist Mental Health Patients, Toran Henry, seventeen years old teenage boy from, New Zealand.

Mental Health Hospital, Psychiatrist Doctorate Doctors never taken seriously patients request or his personal word into account nor do they understand the symptom Schizophrenia language. How critical symptoms he was suffering in silent's without any picture even can drew in primary School black board whose beloved mother Maria Bradshaw found her son Toran Henry was finally suicide committed himself.

After hearing the news by mental health hospital crisis team said in silent 'Oh my God, is there anything I can do?'

...It seen mental health Psychiatrist Doctors was not satisfied or happy to hear the bad news but to continue 'is there anything I can do?'

Once again message from Toran Henry beyond graveyard;

'I turned to you for help and you betrayed my trust. Now I have nowhere to turn'---Toran Henry.

The only option remains open to mental health hospital doctor says author Abdul Haye Amin 'is to bury Author Abdul Haye Amin alive?'

When her beloved son was a life none of the medical team taken into account how serious he was suffering in real life? There is no medical explanation can be described those who critically suffer

What is meant by 'is there anything I can do?' there is no such word in Oxford Dictionary to explain the meaning of 'is there anything I can do?' to comfort Toran mum day before yesterday was happy to be with her son Toran lack of medical negligence and ignorance in patients language not only Toran mum but entire communities seen cloud of darkness is fallen natural apple into their own head and in society instead of 'Sir Isaac Newton' head.

After his kind request to the medical board to the head of Mental Health Hospital, Psychiatrist Doctorate Doctors young lady lost her dear son. Then says 'is there anything I can do?' what else they can do?

Unfortunately, medical Doctor was not kicked out of medical board in the street yet they seem to value non qualified medical professional in the field of mental health hospital remain to continue to do their duties. It is not called 'manslaughter' or murder. Committed by Psychiatrist Doctors. For his negligence of 'Act of medical Law' and profession fail to maintain his request.

Under the tablet 'Seroxat' mentioned,
'Compulsions are irresistible urges to carry out a certain act or ritual, such as excessive washing, which will often help to relieve the fear or worry created by the obsessional thought'----(Tablet Seroxat leaflet information's).

The tablet 'Seroxat' as mentioned,--'Compulsions are irresistible urges to carry out a certain act or ritual' -

According to research by bilingual author Abdul Haye Amin in British and Bangladesh medical board inside the ward in hospital discovered none of the registered medical professionals ever carry out the tablet Seroxat instruction ,--'Compulsions are irresistible urges to carry out a certain act or ritual' which is another word in oxford dictionary 'ritual ' mean worship, in Bangla 'Namaz', in Arabic language mean Salat, in court of justice Act of worship none of the British medical board carry out the British prescribed tablet 'Seroxat' information instruction forget about what fourteen hundred years ago Prophet 'Mo-Ham-Ma-Dur-Ra-Su-Lul-La'(Saw), says to carry out compulsory 'ritual' five time a day. No alcohol drinks.

Unfortunately, author discovered ward round a male doctors with earring on his ears acting as young woman taking patients statements of their health doctor seem was not happy as a man making patient's fool out of himself by using earring in his ear. What treatment is the male doctor going to give when himself is not happy as a by virtue of birth born male? There is no culture in revelation ever stated other than crime committed by.

Where Psychiatry Doctor fail to carry out a certain act. After kind request to the medical professional what lesson have we learned from Toran Henry? And Doraj Miah in Tower Hamlet, London, United Kingdom, Front page (25/June/2003), 'Victim of Black Magic Sex Killer' Local news, Tower Hamlet Recorder And many other similar patients story in local press? is not criminal offense committed by medical professional your honour? Lose of life was not a playing dole or toys as most often seen orphan child play in the play ground or in the States hospital.

Where Toran Henry mum fail to get appropriate Justice from medical board or correct answer from. Our Government had given medical professional licence to rule the patient's life, what ever they wish to do? Hand of none -Believer medical Doctor Loss of young life was not crime of offences? By risking a young person life by administering dangerous Antidepressant Tablets to the patients.

Second person was victim of under the British N.H.S. medical Board negligence by medical Professional, in Tower Hamlet, London, United Kingdom, young Lady, School Teacher, lose her life under the 'Schizophrenia' patients Mr Doraj Miah hand after Reporting to the N.H.S. Mental health Doctor regarding the patient's circumstances but also medical professional ignored as Toran Henry. Again the Court of Justice blamed the Schizophrenia patients not medical Doctors.

It is understood, Toran Henry is not 'DEATH' but Bilingual author Abdul Haye Amin is died,

'Inna-Lila-He-O-Inna-He-Lia-He Ra-Je-Own'
Mean in English 'Day of Judgement we shall meet again in the witness box, in presence of Judge or Magistrates to answer reasons for refusal kind request mental health patients request?

Acting beyond Toran Henry and similar victims beyond graveyard to answer by medical professional what was the reason to refuse the request when patients asked for 'HELP'

.....To see death body in the street or above the sealing hanging them self?

You got the answer with tablet seroxat,--'Compulsions are irresistible urges to carry out a certain act or ritual'

Instructions to explain the nearest Court of Justice with packets of free N.H.S. condoms, if it wasn't murdered patients by medical professional? Other side of the Atlantic or oceans is Toran Mum is the witness. What do you call if it not 'Murdered?'

What ever language medical professional speak with packets of condoms the court of Justice understand.

To refuse as follows;
(a), Tablet Seroxat Instruction,--'Compulsions are irresistible urges to carry out a certain act or ritual' -Did Medical Board carry out the 'Act?'

...When patients requested in writing or in words for help he or she never get any?

(b). Under the Mental Health Act. What capacity Doctors your Government given to destroy other life instead of your own life hanging yourself to your own bedroom sealing instead of allowing patients to dies?

(F) Did tablet Instruction never mentioned to stop taking tablet should patients ever feel health circumstances different. By continue taking tablets Toran lose his control of senses the only answer he thought was best to hang himself next morning he will have breakfast with his mum. Doesn't tablet instruction ever mention it affect patients Judgement and patients lose Immunes system they have no power to judge themself that when patient do or act such a cruel thing in society what is mean by 'Judgment'?

'I turned to you for help and you betrayed my trust. Now I have nowhere to turn'

...What is mean by medical language Judgement?
Doctors to go from one District to another or one country to another to give medical lecture or advice?

It doesn't mean to those who medical council Doctors burn your own medical Qualification in the ovens? Or in Indian Gourmet Restaurant clay ovens before our environment face tragedy?

Instead of two letters 'MD' before medical Doctors name; don't add after medial Doctor Name too many alphabetical letters after your name?

Toran approved Medical Doctors are officially became official 'Apes and Monkey' animal regret no human being life most of them bite worse than ever who ever they find worse than Indian Mosquitoes bites that cause malaria the dangerous symptoms after breast cancers.

...It is understood, the medical professional never tasted the 'Indian Gourmet' the hottest curry, 'Chicken Pall' in their entire life, some customer have extra hot, to weight how much pain and suffering patients suffered after taking the Antidepressants tablets the only reasons they taken life they thought they can get rid off the symptoms of pain in the morning and have fresh life again.

Unfortunately, they misjudge the strength of false knowledge in treatment driven into commitment of crime or offences as first time those who mistakenly have the Indian Curry, 'Chicken Pall' instead of 'Chicken Tikka Masala' in their life. The most victims are the members of families and friends not medical Doctors but Doctors dancing with free packet of N.H.S. condoms in hospital ward.

Not the price of Indian Curry, 'Chicken Pall' but human life those who had 'Chicken Pall' or Antidepressants first time in their life can weight the value of strength of 'HOT' temperature reach through the mind and straight to head, into human brain immediately, affect soft tissue cause damage to the brain cell.

That blocks any circulation of human blood or [vain] [Holy Bible Sura; Iklas, Nas & Falak], make them totally confused to concentrates into something and make drowsy, as well as racing Idea of thought of violence, crimes, drug, sex, etc from their own head. That is too late after taking Antidepressants tablets or Indian Curry, 'Chicken Pall'.

Those who are medical Doctors never taken any Indian foods kindly take Indian Curry, 'Chicken Pall' and after just 'Ten Minutes' describe the 'TASTE' to Restaurant manager your own self who you are don't run into toilet In Restaurant. Or in the morning in your own bathroom. And doesn't blame Indian 'CHEF' but your self for taking Antidepressant tablet I mean the Indian curry Chicken Pall.

The Indian Gourmet management never said to have Indian curry 'Chicken pall' first times those ever entered gate of restaurant but will encourage sweet curry 'Chicken Tikka Massala?'

And Never, Never kiss your lover after taking tablet Antidepressants, I mean (Sorry every time I make mistake) the Chicken Pall it will burn his or her lips as Tsunami volcano there is no medication for his or her lips to cool it down or by rubbing the face as seen Russian Medical Doctors Rubbing the nine month old baby boy, body to remove the name of hottest Indian curry 'Name' of Almighty Lord, 'Allah'

another name in Arabic the Lord Jesus Christ, (R.A), beloved father out of ninety nine name from the skin but failure in treatment to remove the scare leaves to remain indefinitely for medical board to search for clue those who fool members of public or the patients under the spell of Lord Jesus Christ, (R.A), Stated worse than none believer.

Unless otherwise, our community will eventually face difficult situation and suffer under the hand of medical Doctors in real life. Therefore, Holy Bible said worse than none believer. Nearly every month someone somewhere commit crime of offences due to related tablet Antidepressants in this world.

Searching through the Holy Bible Quran stated;
'O our people, hearken to the one who invites (You) to Allah, and believe in him: He will forgive you your faults, and deliver you from a Chastisement Grievous'---Holy Bible Quran: Sura: Al Ahaqaf: 46: 31).

Read story about medication thousands of peoples in the UK Suicide, Death or Died: Anti- Dep Aware: & Fiddaman Blogspot:

To find the true picture of Death under the medication and prescribed tablets in the UK?

Will you not give reward with thanks to the Medical boards professionals for their ignorance in treatment and lack of understanding patient own language? And Free packets of N.H.S. condoms! You're Honour?

By Abdul Haye Amin.

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