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Hussein My Name President of U.S.A. America.

By Abdul Haye Amin
Hussein My Name President of U.S.A. America.By Abdul Haye Amin.Hussein My Name President of U.S.A. America.By Abdul Haye Amin.
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Hussein My Name President of U.S.A. America.
Dear President of U.S.A. [Barack Hussein Obama]
May my God bless you and your fugitives administrations. Recently, I read news about President of America regarding his original birth certificates. What ever out come I don't blame yourself because you was then baby as in Russia nine month old boy body name was discovered Lord 'Allah' your parents given what ever name to be registered under the birth Certificates. As a Christian by faith I knew myself no one ever will keep his or her name as 'Muslim Name” recently, I was suffering Psychiatric Disorder' after reading President of America regarding birth certificates .[Barack Hussein Obama]

I discovered President of America middle name of “Hussein” is Muslims name some time your face and middle name also confused myself. Under the British prescribed Tablet 'Zyprexa' stated “Hearing, Seeing, Sensing thing which is not there?” in the tablet information instructions.

The original Identities of President of U.S.A. Having Psychiatrist Medication that doesn't remove my suspiciousness of disability from my eye, mind and heart which remain in history in Christianity and in Islam at the time of Prophet (Baby) Mose was facing similar dilemma with Government administrations in the name of Lord. Then finally, to save his life from Government administrations his parent thrown in the ocean's where there was danger there was safe and secure place for the Baby Mosa.The most wanted enemy of all found baby Mose was flooding over the oceans who rescued and adopted Baby Mose with love and humanity.

I discovered myself, The biggest mistake U.S.A. ever made enemy of all the enemy Bin Laden thrown in the Sea instead of bringing himself in the Justice. More than forty day Prophet Ibrahim in Islam was inside big fish enemy of all thrown in the Sea by government administration as Bin Laden.

The Government thought was death but Prophet Ibrahim was alive other side of the ocean British Channel Islands discovered counting small star. But we are not sure of Bin Laden if he is alive? Having Psychiatrist Medication from British N.H.S. medical Board, tablet 'Risperdone' my disability, of suspiciousness never seen to go away from my guilty mind as most American peoples suspect of your birth certificates.

However, Your original birth certificates mentioned 'Hussein' where did your parent stolen or brought the name from? I suspect myself alone as a President of U.S.A. having Muslim middle name probably only reason you became President of all. As Baby Mose was driven into palace of Enemy by god mercy to give lesson of history of Revelation. today, I Wonder what lesson will America get out of 'Hussein' the middle name of President of U.S.A?

If your adopted father was a Muslim then you are well aware of religion Islam no adopted father ever will allow his adopted child to follow other cast or religion most American news they are also confused. Tell the nation the truth? you are saying the Islamic romantic love song “Allahu Akbar” is the most beautiful sound in the world under the adoption of Muslim father probably heard five times a days. Are you sure you are not suffering symptom “Autism Spectrum Disorder“ or “Glue ears?” the beautiful sound often cause 'Glue ears symptoms according to British cultural and Medical Ministers.

I Knew myself true faithful Christian never will keep Islamic Muslim middle name under any circumstance but how come your middle name Islamic? How did you get nomination as a President of America. From Christian Domicile, Are you sure not acting as a Baby Mose? age of Ignorance at the time of Baby Mose also was found acting then officially declared 'WAR' against his beloved adopted Governor?

I trust second to none peoples of America will never making any Political second mistake as in history of Bay of Bengal, in the year 1734 first European Country Portugal Missionary, Manoel Da Assumpcam who poison 'Bay of Bengal' duration of his employment at the time of British government more than fourteen million peoples to claim language 'Bangla' after almost three century, later, what we know now the states and the country by name Bangla–Desh. May God not only bless our 'Queen of England but America? And never turn the U.S.A. “The Islamic States of America” in memory of not Portugal Missionary, Manoel Da Assumpcam ,but President of Hussein of U.S.A.?

And five time a day, the romantic love song 'Allahu Akbar' It official as you mentioned most beautiful sound in the world. As a child brought up under the Islamic Muslim father today you already stolen American peoples heart without the states crime reference number.

Million of supporter of Hussein in America trust will never goes crazy as in East Pakistan in 1971to liberate the country from west Pakistan. Your name sweet as reading British national news paper sun page 3 in the morning. Nothing but every one lips 'Hussein' the Islamic Muslim name heart of Christianity, the President of America. All states Political department the name 'Hussein' weight as rose in Islam heart of America every one heart, mind and soul, -(Sub-Han-Allah).

May god bless our 'Hussein' the President of America and never convert religious Islam as our former British Prime Minister, Tony Blair, sister in law, Lauren Booth [] converted religious Islam. And many well known Judge or Magistrates and American celebrity world wide finally, accepted the only 'Hussein' adopted father religion Lord name in the European country, Germany, Bonn, City, forest the Islamic Muslim virtue written without known inks and seeds.

“La-He-La-Ha-Hil-Lal-La-Hu–Mo-Ham-Ma-Dur-Ra-Su-Lul-La” -(God/Dues/Allah).

Mean “There is no God but Allah and Mohammad is the messenger of God” The Islamic Muslim Declaration of faith. Virtue/Kalima. Holy Bible: Apostles: 4:12). Discovered written in the forest and inside the human 'Lung'

The American President adopted parent God name in the nation. You are invited to oppress the decision of your adopted parents, (Hebrews: 10:16: Holy Quran: Sura: Al-amran: 3: 194–200), God? Before General election.

Regard and sympathise, President of America fail to write your own name in the forest or inside the natural fruits and vegetables as Hussein Lord name 'Allah' In the age of Ignorance in middle east King was left his multimillion Government palace and was in the Jungle searching for almighty Lord. The King never return to Government palace.

To rule and govern the country in fear of punishment of almighty God. As in Sylhet District, Landlord, Hason Raja. Today we all fight who going to be President or Prime Minister of all under the deception of truth?

I trust peoples and the administration of America will decide alone the name 'Hussein' to vote for or not? In the coming racing for General Election? And never face symptoms as 'Bangla' as in Bay of Bengal. Myself victim of identities of fraud, in language 'Bangla' in poetry called 'Nil Dariar Prem' mean 'Ocean of Love' The European Portugal Missionary stolen our identities. I hope you never steal Peoples of America identities, Language, Culture, and heritage and revelation in the name of Christianity.

May God bless peoples of America and the President Hussein?

I do apologize should I ever, under any circumstances, offend, or commit crime in the eyes of the peoples as myself human being often make mistake in life to bear to correct in the future. And correct the mistake in the eyes of the foreign protocol love?

I do hope after reading my article authority of the states never regard myself suffering Psychiatric Disorder or Mental Health Illness regarding definition word 'Hussein'

The President of America.
The British foreign Secretary of States reserve right to suspend such President from entering United Kingdom having middle name 'Hussein” the Islamic? but claiming original Christian in the name of Lord Jesus Christ, “He-Sa-Ru-Hu-Lul-La-He”–(R.A), and his beloved father Domiciles United Kingdom is true Christian country. Unless otherwise, President name has being changed from Hussein. To prevent Britain million of peoples, author, writers, and Ministers suffering from Psychiatric Disorder symptoms 'Hussein' under the Mental Health Act.

The worst symptom 'Hussein' probably after E.coli, Hussein is the Holy Islamic name Hussein has many Islamic history, heritage in culture in Islam. Therefore, forbidden to use such name by such President in True Christianity. Who refuse to identify his adopted parents Lord. May God bless Christian country America never turn into “The Islamic States of America” As Hussein grand father 'Mo-Ham-Ma-Dur-Ra-Su-Lul-La”–(R.A), country became Middle East the Islamic States in history, whose grand father name discovered by European country Germany in the forest, second to none on earth after 'Allah' Lord the God.

I do hope President Hussein is not blind as our former British Home Secretary, David Blunkett, M.P. who can truly see the miracles sign of almighty God (Allah) all over the earth to rule and govern the states within mean of Religious Representatives instructions. And many part of America under the sport lights of almighty God, nearly every years peoples face disaster many part of America under water, hurricane or monsoon etc occupied the domiciles due to negligence of Act of God. Man power law and order will never secure the Kingdom from punishment of God.

Please, Please think of God punishment President of America, as British tablet 'Seroxat' mentioned “To carry out certain Act or Ritual” which is mean to carry out almighty Lord certain ACT and Ritual mean worship in the land of almighty Lord not only in Bangladesh the Portugal Missionary country. I mean in America too. “sub-Han-Na-Rabbi-al-ala” five time a days. With romantic love songs “Allahu Akbar”

If your adopted parents alive my due regard, salam and love remain unfold and may God bless your parents with visual hallucinations ray of light. In British Medical board under any circumstances, visitors never allowed to touch the patients without, sanitary and or without, washing hands or using hand glove? Due to spread of disease by shaking hand. I have discovered you never use hand glove to shake hand with American government Ministers, I fear of their health and safety those who shake hand duration of your Ministry.

how luck is your Muslim adopted parents to drive you far as in America Department of Justice to rule the nation once again (Sub-Han-Nal-Allah). Where Prime Minister Saddam Hussein of Iraq could not reach by his own hand? Shaking hand with American I trust Medical board will agree never will spread any kind of symptoms disease to the American Administrations, rights through the heart of politicians.

May God bless Hozrot Boro Peer, Abdul Kadir Zillani, (R.A), and peoples of the nation. Those who made country Iraq graveyard instead of American Politicians own bedroom. Nor they suffered any symptom of 'Agoraphobia' or skin cancers yet? In history without, ablution name of Hozrot Boro Peer peoples died or faced skin cancers immediately. Today, you seem very happy, as a President of America by forgetting the identities of adopted parent?

Today, Is the question my dear President Hussein can you pay the price of your Muslim adopted parents who guided you to be a household leader of the own house not the President whose own parents left own child in the ocean of no destiny as in history baby Mose whose original parents thrown in the ocean to save the child life from enemy. Your adopted Muslim parents entitle to 'As-Sa-La-Mu-Ala-Kum'

from you a word of speech to ease the pain of adopting. And to build second to none after 'Taj Mahal' In India, in America in memory of your adopted father nation to visit per second with packet of 'Aggarbathi' and 'Mombathi' to pay tribute and or last respect to your adopted parent. As Empire of India nothing is remain to treasure but only 'Taj Mahal' in every one mind regardless of nationalities or by cast is?

Can you afford to build second 'Taj Mahal' in memory of your childhood parents to prove the nation those who playing game with your birth certificate you was indeed suffering under the Muslim parent symptoms of 'Autism Spectrum Disorder'

I do hope, you are not under 'Her Britannic Majesty's' see-Through-Mini-skirt' spell to forget your adopted Muslim parents or history of 'Taj Mahal' In India, because your Government and Her Britannic Majesty's government made your own adopted Muslim father Religious representative, the holy saints, Hozrot Boro Peer, country graveyard and assassinated almost 41 years in power the Leader of the Iraq, Saddam HUSSEIN by cast was Muslims your adopted Muslim father blood.

Watch out the American administrations if it was your original father is Christian, then it will take revenge out of your own blood and cast to pay the debt of name of Hussein nation to remember in American Christianity in History. No matter what the media says in polite grammar language.

Don't follow our Queen of England policy after 163 years still Her Government says “God save the Queen” instead of “Allah Save the Queen”. When will Her Government learn European country Portugal Missionary language Bangla to says “Allah Save the Queen” European country Missionary declared second to none poorest country in the world after 163 years adopted 'British Government' within love and humanity by Sub-Continent of India, great grand father.

Her Britannic Majesty's and Her Government never will say “Allah” when Acts of Apostles: 4:12 left blank to fill by authority of the states only mentioned “Name” Whose name should we adopt 'Hussein' god name or not in the holy Bible?

You are today not only Hussein but President of America and you was adopted by Muslim parents they guide your life from childhood to guide every one under what [Acts of Apostles 4:12] Holy Bible verse?

”Salvation is found in no-one else, for there is no other [N-A-M-E] — [Bonn, City, Germany, Forest—Kalima/Virtue] under heaven given to men by which we must be saved”—(Acts of Apostle: 4: 12/Kalima/Virtue—'The Islamic Declaration of Faith').

May God save peoples of America from administration corruption, deception of crime, fraud and lies? And peoples restore faith in politics'? Vote HUSSEIN? Is the name as in Islam ray of lights who without, doubt, since childhood, can run and guide the peoples of America, regardless of his identities or cast is?

The man who said beautiful sound 'Allahu Akbar?' That remain Hozrot Balal history in Islam whose beautiful sound made Islamic nation crazy, until today in Christianity, is in hand of Hussein to make second nation crazy as Hozrot Balal in America. I trust my Lord his adopted parent Lord 'Allah' with President Hussein of America. Hussein of Iraq, Baghdad, never said save my life to no one other than Hussein guided parents Lord? The only leader was seen devoted to almighty Lord.

Your Sincerely,
The States Sylhet District Refugee;
Abdul Haye Amin. The British Foreign Bilingual author.

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