21.05.2012 Opinions

Vodafone, your internet service is very bad!!!!!!!!!!!

By kwasi agyepong
Vodafone, your internet service is very bad!!!!!!!!!!!
21.05.2012 LISTEN

The little I know about economics is that, the more competitors enter an industry, the better the industry's services become because of the added competition. Obviously the people at Vodafone do not know this or at least those at their broadband internet section do not know this. Dear reader, their service is bad, if you have Vodafone broadband in your office you would be saying by now, aha! someone finally wrote an article about their poor services. The internet goes and comes as it wishes and when it comes it is so slow. I mean tortoise slow, snail slow, sloth slow; I hope you get my drift by now. By now someone may ponder how I can pontificate about Vodafone's poor services when my scenario could be one in a million and not the general over view. The truth is I work in an office building with over 20 different companies in that building. And up to now, I do not know the wizard that charmed all of us to go for Vodafone internet .The whole of last week and last two weeks, most of the companies did not have internet access. The situation was so bad that some staff of the other companies came to my office to enquire if they could send emails from my office to which I answered in the negative. All they could say was you too!!! you been affected erhh?

I still don t understand why I have to call a customer service personnel (who are sometimes very rude) to beg for my internet access as if they are doing me some favour. The less said about the installation, the better. If you still convinced that Vodafone broadband is the network for you, I advise you to book at least two months in advance for your installation, for example, if you want broadband installed by September 2012, I recommend that you apply by June or July because you will never get installation in the month in which you apply for the internet. Come to think of it, with their bad services, they should rather be eager to install for you but looks like the broadband internet installation guys couldn't care less. In a country where footballers receive death threats when they scuff penalties (Asamoah Gyan, this example is not about you), you would think that service companies will receive more flak when they don't deliver. To be honest, is there a big difference between a highly paid footballer underperforming and a telecom giant lying to you in their adverts about their internet speed? You be the judge, but for my money, they both couldn't deliver what they promised.

The most annoying part is the land lines they install can also take months before it works.” Sorry your call has been restricted” ,that what that annoying voice over tells you when you pick up the phone to make a call, if you are lucky, it is sorted in days, unlucky then weeks, then if you are in my shoes then two months, 1week and 3 days. If you ever been to the Uk and you used Vodafone over there they have quality control department which calls you to ascertain if everything is working normally especially for their land lines. Why can't they do the same in Ghana? Or is it because when you are in Rome……….

Amazingly, Vodafone internet cafes have the fastest internet in Ghana, by far. As if to say to the public, our internet is the fastest, those complaining are deluded; or come to Vodafone you won't regret……. until you pay the installation fee.

As with most customer complains in Ghana, they are going to write a rejoinder and try as much as possible to rubbish my claims and make me this article look like a hyperbolic writng meant to sully their reputation. Worse still, they are going to remind the public of all the awards they have won (in the land of the crippled, the bow-legged man is king) especially the ones concerning customer care and fast internet. Or better yet try to imply that am some mole who has been employed by Mtn or Tigo or Airtel to sling mud at them. They will do everything BUT improve their service, If they are able to convince you, then God help your internet access!!!!!

PS: ironically I need internet access to upload this article and true to their form, the internet is still not working, so I copied the article to my smartphone through a usb and uploaded the article through my phone!!

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