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For many Ghanaians born between the 50s and 60s, and were raised by real families, they always tell us that gone were the days. These simple statements bring some interesting observations and questions: In those days, how was it? Were people any better than today? What makes people say all these things? Well the simple answer is, our new generation is almost on the verge of getting lost because many have abandoned our true identity index, which is our culture: Many of our cultural indicators such as our folktales are being sacrificed in favor of TV and the new media. Isn't there a way that things can be turned around to help our new generation connect to the past, reflect and take the good parts and use them for tomorrow, a sort of SANKOFA adventure.

To bring our readers more quality read, we have intensified our research to bring the best to all. Today, we are introducing a new caption titled EKURASE WISDOM. This is going to be articles that would discuss lessons that we can learn from things around us.

To start, we want to share with you a special story which we believe you will love for every. Share if you love it: Continue Reading:

‎Three Ghanaian Tertiary institution friends, Afriyie, Abayie and Abebresse from Fiapre Catholic University decided to go to China for vacation. Since that was their first time in the country and being new at the place, they decided to stay in a hotel.

The beautiful Shanghai hotel in Shanghai was almost full so they ended up being offered accomodation on the 60th floor.

The hotel's policy was that, at midnite, the elevator would be shut down.

The next day, the friends rented a car and explored the city. They enjoyed themselves and arrived at the hotel past midnite. The elevator were shut down; and there was no other way to get to their room than to take the stairs all the way

to the 60th floor. Can you imagine! Walking all the way to the 60th ease their way up, they decided to do something so that they would not notice their struggle to get to the top. So all the three cam up with plans to tell stories:

The 1st friend, Afriyie said: "for our first 20th floor,I will tell jokes to keep us going. The 2nd, Abayie was to tell wise stories for the next 20th floor, the final 20th floor would be with a sad story by Abebresse.

So the first one started with Jokes;with laughs and joy till they reached the 20th floor. The second friend

started saying stories full of wisdom..Theylearnt a lot as they reached the 40th floor..

Now it's time for the sad stories..So the 3rd friend said,"my first sad story is that I left the

keys of the room in the car. MORAL: This story represents our life cycle. For the first 20 years, we spend time in joking and enjoying whatever is out there. Then at age 20 and up,we get into the work force, get married, have kids and this is the time we use our

wisdom. Then if we reached 40, we see the white grey hair and we begin to realise that life is coming to an end and must prepare for the hereafter. Sadly, many of us are going to leave the the keys behind or have already left the keys.

It's better that we start life in the very beginning by remembering that everything counts in our life rather than do things without planning as if there is no trouble. As our late musician Tony Wiredu said in his music...."se wohwe na se ennko yie, checky wo abrabo..............( unexamined life is not worth living).......let's keep working hard with clear life goals. Be blessed families, friends and fans.