19.01.2012 Opinions

The Irony Of Democracy

19.01.2012 LISTEN
By Salia Mildred Songsore

Freedom to move about in one's country, to speak out without fear, to get involved in national decision-making, to worship one's deity without worry, to associate with different people of diverse races, political parties, and others among many additional things account for the sense of security and pride one has in their country. These are some of the core needs of citizens in a democratic locale. I must say that democracy in any country, whether monarchical, presidential or parliamentary, is a necessary tool for comfort, confidence and stability.

Democracy lures peace where it goes. The few places where there have been wars do not go through them because of democratic issues but because of their inner differences or tribalism as it happened in Liberiaand Rwanda. So how come democracy incites the crowd against their leaders?

Democracy as earlier noted is one indispensable feature for a satisfying living in one's country where the persona appreciates more his worth and essence to society as he is presented the opportunity to decide in national affairs and look on when some of his views are put into reality. This creates a desire to serve and a craving for a better country which makes one work to keep out violence and abhorred practices in the country. Of course democratic societies have their own shortcomings but it is agreeably far better than an autocratic state where the people's interests are terribly downplayed and expressing views in national affairs is highly improbable.

Democracy is worth fighting for. But for the sake of peace, an inculcated sense of duty and responsibility the young must not struggle for their central requirements which should have been provided for by their older generation. The tenets of society are that the elders make life easier for the young ones. Which is why people struggle to make plenty money so their children will not suffer. It is very natural. This surely means that where the youth actually revolt to claim their needs while they have elders who should take up the duty should not be so.

People have been driven by the egotistical ambition of leaders to resort to very dismal ways of life and even obviously to appreciating that they have such 'wise' leadership and their lives as well as they have no other option other than become depressed and unfulfilled if they do otherwise. This is what has been present in an autocratic backdrop and in recent times some countries actually felt that the wind of change should be somewhat enjoyed. Unfortunately these countries have lost able bodied people in the struggle for an indispensable feature in their country-democracy. It is a pity how such a peaceful and widely preferred feature should wreak so much havoc to some while it works well for others. Democracy has actually caused fighting and massacre in the Arab world in recent times. This is because in the quest for a democratic nation, many had to fight since they are in an autocracy rooted society.

If people treat their authorities with contempt in searching for democracy then what would they not do when they have it. The authorities should deserve the bloody treatment but taking a deeper thought, will the people respect their authorities when they have democracy? Mind you they were able to overturn their leadership so subsequent governments should fear them in future.

Democracy has turned out very surprising, the impunity of some criminals (including top ranking officials), the insults of citizenry to their leadership as well as the trade of insults among top politicians (this feature has been exclusive to Ghanain recent times) all because of the freedom of speech and the press, the high indiscipline among the youth which is attributed to the “right to do…..” syndrome ( Children Act 560 is in trouble) among many things which are too much and terrible to mention except one surprise which has recently turned out the most shocking about democracy: the love, need and longing for democracy which has actually brought in death and anarchy. Absolutely a far cry from the famous orderliness it carries with it. All others should take note because Africa is being haunted by the irony of democracy.

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