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February 21, 2011 | Art


As 2011 begins, Barack Obama's unsettled presidency is tied to four interconnected projects: resuscitating the economy, raising the standard of living of the non-wealthy, fulfilling his remaining campaign promises and getting re-elected.

Obama's political enemies think he is on track to achieve none of the four and are anticipating victory in 2012. But by ending the year 2010 with a bipartisan-compromise tax deal, Obama showed he is capable of delivering the kind of change that was supposed to be the hallmark of his administration.

To avoid seeing the economy stall again, the president needs to demonstrate that he has a strategy for centrist government since the Republicans are in control of the House of Representatives since January.

Political nihilists on the right and left may find the notion of swallowing something that their opponents want anti-thetical to their mind-set. But Obama's ability to compromise will prove crucial. Here's a simple rule for him: if a proposal is denounced by both Nancy Pelosi and Sarah Palin, it will probably find support in the centre of the electorate.

This new Obama-the one who will make deals with Republicans to get things done rather than keep his wagon hitched to his party's liberal wing – has a chance to enjoy 2011 filled with the fruits of a successful mid-course correction. That's change the President can believe in, because obviously, he's the one who needs hope and change!

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