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Feb 13, 2011 | News

Pain has published from USA

Pain has published from USA

“PAIN” is a book on political science and civil rights has published from Xlibris Corporation publication, USA. This book contains on Bangladesh history, culture and moreover its independence, pre and past-liberation period, the politics of military governments and the political parties.

Along with these, Jahangir Akash has written some articles on Germany, Austria in European perspectives. He has discussed the social aspects, human-rights, democracy, environment-nature and present situations with reference to and examples from these two countries. But the main theme is his country and what he has written about Bangladesh, it is from his long experiences as an active journalist, free-thinker and human-right-defender which are the backgrounds of his exile life since 2009 in Europe. The writer of this book is the editor of “Euro Bangla”.

Anyone can buy it from internet. We would like to share the online links for “PAIN”.


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Publishers Xlibris:

Description of the book. It is now 39 years that Bangladesh is an independent country. But the rule of law, honest administration and the culture of democracy are still far cry! Common people are searching peace. Militancy, extra judiciary murders, maladministration, party-attribution, terror, corruption are closing the path of progress. Religious and indigenous minority killings-oppressions are hindrances to the amity. The murders of Journalists are robbing the opportunity of free reporting. All these current problems and crisis are well depicted through the pen of Journalist-Akash. This young writer is a courageous soldier of peace and democracy. This book is a reflection of Bangladesh-reality. The international community will definitely get a transparent picture of Bangladesh in the book. Peace, people's government, real democracy and the rule of law are all golden-deer in Bangladesh. The religious fanaticism, innumerable superstitions, lack of education, poverty, corruption, immorality, have now strongly established the criminality everywhere. Disunity, unfairness, oppression, torture, killing-murder, terror, activities of the communal fundamentalists have crashed the people on the ground! Muslims, Hindus, Buddhists, Christians live here. People of all religions unitedly have fought for the independence of Bangladesh and shed blood. With enormous sacrifices under the leadership of Bangabondhu (late) Sheikh Mujibur Rahman, The nation got one nice secular constitution. After only 4 years after the independence of Bangladesh, father of the nation, Sk Mujibar Rahman, was killed brutally with most of his family members. Through a planned way the following governments of General Ziaur Rahman and General H.M. Ershad have amended, revised and changed many times the original constitution of Bangladesh and have made it almost a farce! Islam was declared as the ‚State-Religion'. Although Bangladesh has people from four religions! But such a radical change of the former secular Constitution was a heinous dishonour to the holy constitution! Through these measures religious fanaticism and communalism were given a state Formulate Contour. In the name of Islam the religious fundamental militancy has become now the greatest problem of Bangladesh. It is about now about 39 years after the independence, but the war criminals of Al- badr, Al- Shams, Rajakars and the murderers who were directly related with the genocide during the struggle for independence have not yet been put into the trial. The Political Party, Jammat-e- Islam is regularly igniting the fire of communalism in the name of Islam. Communal-politics is not banned in the country. State-terror like killings extra-judicial are going on without end. All devouring corruption is the greatest obstacle for the fulfillment of the basic rights of the people. The afflictions of religious minorities are a day to day affair. In the society, a privileged class is making mountains with money. On the other side, majority people, not less than 95%, are becoming poorer everyday. Religious minorities and the indigenous people are deprived of constitutional rights. Including the father of the nation, hundreds of politicians, journalists, lawyers, judges, members and common people have been killed. Different state-controlled armed cadres have created an extreme fearful and inhuman situation by their killings of innocent people, tortures and oppressions. Within 38 years of independence, the country was under the military rulers for long 17 years. People were pushed to the dark-wild-administration and its persecutions. Torture-murders and planned genocide, crime and the incidences of the militancy are never inquired properly and effectively. Of course after the event, government announces for inquiry and committees are also formed. ‚Whoever is the criminal, he would be definitely punished', such promises are heard from the top label of the government or from the concerned authorities repeatedly with arrogance. But they are never materialized. Shortly speaking, there is no ‚explanation' in the country. In the history of human-civilization, the self confessed killers who have committed utmost heinous murders are saved from the state level and any possibility to put them into trial is closed. Judges feel agony to perform their duties. The culture of the ‚absence of justice' is increasing the criminal tendency day by day. All the state organs have been criminalized. The endless greed of making money of the upper class people are pushing the 70-80% common people towards the lowest level of poverty. By the most of political parties, specially the two big, Awami league and BNP have no headache for democracy. So the democracy in the state level is now beyond every possibility! Fundamental militancy in the name of Islam is growing rapidly. Women-Children-tortures, giving of fake religious decrees (Fatwa of Islam), meanness, and religious fanaticism are expanding. Raids with Bomb and Grenades, suicidal-conspiracies, envy and malice, scrambles are in extremity. Brotherhood, mutual delight, solidarity, love and respect are being lost. Everywhere the humanity is hindered. Differences, dissimilarities between persons are growing. Kindness and humanity are decreasing and on the other side, selfishness and merchantile mentality are growing on an electric-speed! Every day million of peoples are hungry and so to say almost naked due to lack of clothing. Each year through flood, drought, dearth and tempest-cyclone millions of people suffer. Because of the change of river-flows, everyday innumerable people are loosing their all possessions. The five basic rights to have food, cloth, education, treatment and dwelling are totally unknown to the vast majority of the people. Each year innumerable persons die on diseases and without treatments. Millions of children have no access to schools, but ‚Child-labor' is everywhere! Women-Children-smuggles, rapes are very common matter in Bangladesh. Besides there is labor-discrimination. For similar works as men, women get less remunerations. Crime and criminals are ‚pardoned' by state and it is a big obstacle for the establishment of rule of Law in Bangladesh. A general statistics depicts that from 2004 till today, more than 1,800 persons were killed extra judiciary, through so-called ‚crossfire',' encounter' or in the name of ‚exchange of fires'. After the killing of father of the nation, the culture of impugning crimes has started. It is still going on, eve under the present new government. Journalist Jahangir Akash in each article of this book, has told us about a 'Golden Bangladesh' and the peaceful world where the communal harmony would be a bright example of fraternity.

Author's cover bio: The thoughts for the society haunts him always. He sees man above religion and color. In favor of the people, truth, justice and with the professional mentality for social welfare, he has grown up. Akash is a professional and non communal Journalist with a mind of free thoughts. To clean the society garbage and darkness, he himself was compelled to get out of the country. Though in exile, he thinks and feels for his motherland all the moments. This exiled Journalist, in each write up has told us about peace, harmony in his motherland and in the world.

February 12, 2011 – 11:35 pm

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