Wed, 08 Sep 2010 Movie

Behind The Mask, Starring Cossy Orjiakor


Behing the Mask is the title of a new movie, starring Cossy Orjiakor, the Nigerian actress. It is a welcome addition to Cossy, who has not acted for the last 6 years. Indeed, Cossy has gone through a lot of tribulations in her acting career.

The movie breaks new ground for Cossy, as it is not the type many are used to. The storyline is different. This may mean that Cossy is now charting a new path in her acting career, and we may see her in roles other than the ones many are familiar with. It may also mean she is finally changing her image.

This augurs well for Cossy. Beimng out of work for as lomng as she has is a big blow to a peerson who loves acting. It laso means that she is now back in the fold. And this is as it should be.

Let us now hope that Cossy will be judged by her acting abilities, not by the size of her boobs. Cossy is an actress like all the others. She deserves to be judged against all the others. I hope too, that most viewwers will be a bit more sympathetic to her, because Cossy really needs everybody's support

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