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Political | Apr 6, 2010


It was Sunday 4th April 2010 that I went through Sahara reporters' news site and other media sites and saw an article captioned which is worse, kidnapping or looting. Yes, I read the article as far as I can gather from several websites written by Joachim Ezeji. Apparently, Joachim Ezeji has sent another one of his so many write-ups against Imo state government officials and this one is about none other than the Speaker of Imo state House of Assembly Chief Goodluck Opiah. On the paper, Ezeji said:

“I was amused to read that the Speaker of the Imo State House of Assembly, Chief Goodluck Nanah Opiah had on a recent visit to the Ministry of Foreign Affairs, Centre for International Cooperation (MASHAV), Tel-Aviv, Israel did solicit the assistance of Israel in curbing the inglorious menace of abduction of persons for ransom in Imo State. Chief Opiah was quoted as saying that the spate of kidnapping in the state has reached unimaginable crescendo and needs urgent attention. The Speaker had argued during the visit that since kidnapping has risen to a frightening dimension in Imo state, the state needs the services and expertise of the Israelis in security matters in combating it, adding that their role would complement that of security agencies in the state. The lawmaker was also quoted as pointing out that despite the death sentence imposed on culprits of the offence by the state legislature, the crime has continued to escalate unabated.”

There's more… quite a bit more actually. Other notable quotes by Ezeji from the article as published in some websites:

“Did the speaker say the truth? In Imo State, the truth is the utter failure of the Chief Goodluck Nanah Opiah led Imo House of Assembly to ensure good governance in the state. The weakness of the Imo State House of Assembly to rein on the executive led by Mr. Ikedi Ohakim to tow the path of good governance will continue to exacerbate all sorts of crime in the state including kidnapping. That is the simply truth”

And this …
“A scenario where the executive exploits the gullibility of members of the legislature to achieve personal and private objective of its leadership is destructive. Also, the scenario where the legislature arm-twists the executive for individual or collective gain of members is evil. Both scenarios are an abuse of public trust upon which the foundation of government and the act of governance is itself built”

This one is the most funny:
“In Imo state, one would be interested to know the highpoints of Chief Goodluck Nanah Opiah led Imo House of Assembly and to what extent this has rubbed- off positively on the average poor in the state. As at today, with less than 12 months to end a 4-year tenure, no achievement has been recorded in such critical areas as high- yield agriculture (including improved seed varieties, chemical fertilizers, and small scale irrigation), educational development (as basic as classrooms and sanitary facilities for girls, scholarship for indigent students), health care facilities of all sorts, and modern infrastructure (all – weather roads, rehabilitated industries, electricity, safe drinking water, sanitation , internet etc”

Now you're just trying to sell the game to me Ezeji.I love it when you raise the profile of your stupidity than if you'd just stayed in the corner, fiddling with the straps on your straight-jacket. I even heard you say you are a Christian. What a Christian you are Ezeji. Passing judgment on Chief Opiah because he did not join you and your shameless group to fight against the performing governor of Imo State. You even said you will be interested to know the highpoints of Chief Goodluck Nanah Opiah led Imo House of Assembly and to what extent this has rubbed- off positively on the average poor in the state.

In rating the performance of the Imo State House of Assembly, I want to say the assembly has performed creditably with respect to the laws being passed and with respect to the performance of each and every member of the assembly as it affects the House standings.

As Speaker, it is Opiah's responsibility in conjunction with the principal officers to make committees that is saddled with the responsibility of over seeing the various ministries and parastatals we have within the state. Each and every member of the assembly or Chairmen of committees with its members have been doing their best in visiting various ministries and parastatals to ensuring that the budget implementation is achieved. The basic responsibility of a legislature is to make good laws for the betterment of the citizens of the state and of course, the nation at large. Secondly, to perform oversight functions on the activities of the executive. Opiah has indeed performed well for his constituency and for Imo state.

For your information, the Speaker of Imo State House of Assembly ,Chief Goodluck Nanah Opiah, is a distinguished man of high integrity, who was elected based on his track records of competence, honesty and integrity. Opiah had a remarkable stint in the private sector before joining politics. He served in various positions of trust and proved himself to be an astute manager of human and material resources. From 1991 to 2003 when he joined politics, he had worked meritoriously with Bewac Auto Product Plc, an automobile firm in Nigeria, criss-crossing from one branch to another. From a humble beginning as a Senior Sales Executive with the UTC Nigeria Plc, Port Harcourt-Rivers State, he ascended to the post of General Manager, Bewac Auto products Plc, Port Harcourt.When in 2003, the people of Ohaji /Egbema Constituency were in dire need of a patriot, selfless and committed person to represent them in the State legislature, they beckoned on him .

In case you don't know,Chief Goodluck Opiah,the Speaker of Imo State House of Assembly you are criticizing has receive so many best performing speaker in Nigeria awards including from theYishak Rabin Centre for African Development. The Speaker who emerged tops among his contemporaries noted that providing a rancour-free atmosphere for governance will enhance socio-economic and democratic growth . According to Opiah who dedicated all his awards to his colleagues, and the people of Imo State, peace is inevitable in human development. Said he: "We need peace and tranquility to ensure that the laudable programs of the present administration thrive. In as much as Governor Ohakim has shown respect for the independence of the legislature and a desire to take the state to the next level, the House we be supportive.

You and your cohorts hate chief Opiah so much for the peace between the Executive and the legislative arms of government in Imo State.Ohakim is performing very well so why should the House of Assembly fight against him?

What is wrong with Chief Opiah soliciting for Isreal assistance in Imo State? So Ezeji is telling us that it is because our leaders in Imo state are looting the treasury of Imo state that is why people are being kidnapped in Imo State? Kidnapping for ransom is almost a national affair. Kidnapping has been reported in so many states of Nigeria. So who is looting what in those states?

Yeah I'll bet Joachim Ezeji's mom is proud of her Chemical Engineering son who's literally a laughing stock everywhere. The only achievement Ezeji has made is only on the pages of newspapers and imaginary water treatment breakthrough. What's your mom's address? I think I'll send her flowers and my condolences for having worked so hard to raise such a dumb, and briefcase entrepreneur. I'm in a letter writing mood too!

Dear Joachim Ezechi's Mom,
Your son is a joke, who has accomplished literally nothing in the past decade, except perhaps selling imaginary water treatment ideas and caring brief case posing as entrepreneur. You see Maria, (mind if I call you Maria?), your son, Joachim Ezechi, is an asshole.I know that's tough to hear Maria. Joachim. Your son… An Asshole.

Perhaps you didn't hug him enough, or maybe you bought him too many Bible-Ranger action figures, but whatever the reason, your son now has an insatiable appetite for character assassination, and a warped sense of reality. On top of all of this, he wants us to support him and his group to run down a governor who is performing very well for Imo state.

Maria, at this point you might be wondering what comes next. First, you need to accept that your son, Joachim Ezeji is an asshole. Then I recommend you tell him that Imo people love their governor and that he and his cohorts should stop distracting the government and people of Imo state.Take a moment to reflect on all of your son's successes. It shouldn't take but a few seconds. Then hold on to those memories, as any other may remind you what a horrible parent you turned out to be, having raised such a total dumb asshole.God Bless You, Maria. And may he have mercy on your asshole son, Joachim Ezeji

-Kenneth Uwadi writes from Mmahu-Egbema,Imo State,Nigeria

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