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Jul 28, 2008 | News

iBurst Africa launches “place Ghana back on the ISP map!” promotion

The Management of iBurst Africa, a high speed wireless broadband company, has reiterated their commitment to ensuring that the internet is more easily accessible to the average Ghanaian.

To make this commitment real, the company is embarking on a promotion dubbed “Place Ghana back on the ISP map,” to enhance access of individuals, companies and organisations to internet connections.

The two-week promotion, which began on July 25, will see significant reductions of between 30% and 60% in the prices of two products, the iBlink and the UTD modems, in a bid to “place Ghana back on the ISP map” as the leading provider of internet services.

“iBurst Africa intends to make available its excellent and competitively priced products and services through this promotion for users to be able to access the internet, whilst at home, in the office, in educational institutions and even when on the move,” a statement signed by Mr Benjamin Ofori, Country Marketing Manager, iBurst Africa said.

“We are seeking to place Ghana back on the ISP map of Africa as the country with the highest number of internet users by offering “serious” reductions on two of our products – the iBlink and the UTD modems. It is also a chance to reward customers who missed out on our “irresistible June promotion, which, by the way, was a huge success,” it added.

Two hundred lucky customers who purchase iBurst Africa's iBlink modem previously sold at GHC550 will now enjoy a 60% discount and pay only GHC220.

The UTD modem is the second product in the promotion. It is usually sold at GHC290 but is now going for GHC200, a discount of 30% for the first 200 customers.

Ghana, formerly a pioneer in internet service provision in West Africa, has been overtaken by Senegal and Nigeria, a global survey Internet Service Providers undertaken this year has revealed.

The reasons for this regression are many and varied but the constraints that arise from a lack of consistent effort at implementing a national ICT strategy as well as the absence of a comprehensive infrastructural backbone are responsible for this situation.

Besides, the high cost associated with accessing the internet is a major factor impeding the growth of this very critical sector.

“This latter constraint is what has compelled iBurst Africa to contribute towards reversing the trend of declining internet penetration in Ghana by launching its “place Ghana back on the ISP map” campaign,” a statement said.

The services of iBurst Africa are currently available in Accra and Tema however the planned roll-out to other major cities is on course. It is envisaged to reach Kumasi by December.
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