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ecg's cock and bull
The football fiesta is over and the ECG's ''load shedding'' seems to be back with us. And don't bother to call their faults line because it seems they have been programmed to tell you the same cock and bull story. At the end of the day, all you need to know is they are working on it.

But there is one thing I can say for them though: they at least are answering their phones these days – and politely too I must say. Previously, you would get a gruff voice at the end of the phone answering your hello with ''yes''? And if you are not lucky, the person at the end of the phone will be holding a conversation with his/her colleague(s) and you will be left to “enjoy” it all!

C'mon, ECG, what the heck is going on? On a lighter note, I went to buy units for my meter only to discover that the office was not serving customers--there was a power outage! The whole ECG cannot afford to buy a generator for their office. Haba!!!

price of bread

Has anyone noticed how the size of some butter bread brands has reduced but with the price remaining the same? When I asked, I was told that the price of flour keeps increasing by the day. In fact the price increases every two to three weeks or so. It is ridiculous. Something has to be done about it pronto because very soon we will be buying bread at 2.50 cedis. Price hikes are happening to other commodities like sugar, margarine and lots more. Bread is a very important part of our lives, so if bread is soon going to be a luxury item, then those of us who can't afford the croissants and other fancy breads will suffer. The ordinary man on the street will suffer.

traffic palaver

I noticed during the football fiesta through to Bush's visit that there were policemen and traffic wardens at traffic intersections or areas where the traffic lights were not working. I have also noticed that after the fiesta and Bush's visit, the policemen and traffic wardens have disappeared from most of the vital traffic light points leaving drivers to fend for themselves. And we all know many drivers in this country are rather moronic. Is it the job of AMA or MTTU? We are so inconsistent in our responsibilities; it is very sad. Is it a case of not having enough people to do the job or not enough money to pay them?

of waitresses

My friend told me she advertised for students to come and work as waitresses and waiters in her shop. She got the responses alright but they all told her 'waitressing' was a little beneath them. But these are the same people who will travel abroad and work as chambermaids and God knows what. ''Eye asem ooh!!

of allergies

It seems when we catch on to something, we always go to the extreme. I find Ghanaians and the word ''sua tera'' are same. These days it is all about keeping healthy, which is all good but it is those who take it to an irritating level who get my goat. My editor said 'bloating'' has now become the new buzz word.

Allergy is also a buzz word these days among the so-called hoipoloi. Don't get me wrong, I am not talking about people with genuine food allergies like me. Pineapples give me an itchy throat. It is those who don't have allergies but because it seems to be the 'in' thing, the acquire one. People are lactose intolerant, allergic to fried plantain, eggs will cause a migraine and they only eat strawberries, etc. Our fruits make them heavy is the latest one I have heard!

middle class sensibilities?

And they all squeak it out in their affected English. Hmm!!ye nua ne sen na aben!!The funniest one was when this Ghanaian lady started showing off with her prowess about foreign food in her ''English'' tones. She told her friends and whoever was in earshot that it was crass to eat club sandwiches and burgers.

She was going to have fajitas and tortilla. It really was a laugh and a half. But my worry was with the children she brought along who exhibited so much arrogance as their mother I felt really sad for them. It is also the ''in thing” to allow the kids to talk back at you. I am told it is called exercising their rights as children! We have taken this thing to a nonsense height so much so that a child being rude is regarded as something to be proud of! They are “expressing themselves” is what I hear these days.

It's frightening to imagine what kind of adults will be around in the next generation.

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