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Feb 26, 2008 | News

Yaa Bronigoes to town


It is my turn to sound off about our pettiness.

Our MPs behave not only like children, but are also highly indisciplined. If they are not swinging fists at each other, they are busy insulting each other either on TV or on radio. We should be able to exercise some level of decorum. What are we telling the rest of the world and the people? It really is in bad taste.

Some of our journalists will go on radio and lie like there is no tomorrow. These are people who should know better but I am guessing it is all contrived for their own reasons to do as much damage as possible to whoever is their target. But I have always maintained that such people will always get their comeuppance one way or another.

The presenters of the various programmes on the radio stations should also be on the ball with their hosting of these programmes. A lot of these presenters are ignorant, myopic and completely biased. These combinations do not help such programmes. They just send matters into the gutters because the presenters together with their panel descend into the very gutters too. The sooner we start behaving like civilised, intelligent open-minded people, the better for us.

A programme like Joy's News file has gone to the dogs. A few Saturdays ago, the presenter Ms Asante let her panel run riot on the programme and she herself appeared ignorant of her facts. It is simply not good enough. Some presenters also get excited when their panelists trade insults, because they foolishly think this is what makes the programme a popular one. After so many years of radio, our maturity in radio presentation and being guests is still so abysmally elementary!. Let us grow up in our thinking, reasoning and behaviour.

switching off

Every so often, OneTouch and VRA send text messages about switching off our lights and all that. It is good they are educating us, but I have a little problem with the switching off of our fridges and deep freezers.

Our degradable foods will defrost especially if you are away for long hours. So you get home and refreeze your meat and whatever is in your fridge again. It is not a very healthy solution. It is also not good for the poor fridges and freezers.

I bet it is in their own interest to be telling us this. And why not – so when their horrible fluctuations ruin our electrical devices we don't go complaining or filing for compensation in court. Afterall,they did warn us. Very clever, VRA!

banking on our banks

I find it very interesting that the various banks will not give loans to serious-minded people but are busy trying to woo us into banking with them. I asked one such bank what they could do for me. I was told that if I run my account for six months I would know how wonderful they are to their customers. But what if I need their help before the six months? No can do, as the saying goes.

So this is how wonderful they are. For those of you who see their various exciting adverts please read the small print. You will be amazed at how little these banks can do for you. But I hear if you are Caucasian or Mid Eastern, the likelihood of you getting a loan is very high.

The ''broni aah ni john'' syndrome? Or is it because they will give huge incentives to the officers handling their applications, which the rest of us can't? Playing devils's advocate perhaps, but who knows…?

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