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The door was shut. The room was dark. The date was 1661. Inside the room were witches of various kinds and nature; the good ones and the bad ones. The room was very hot, the only thing which was to serve as ventilation was heavily locked and bolted with huge metals. I began to wonder how the people in the room were able to survive in the heat!

The room was very noisy, everyone was talking, no one was listening; I could see from where I was observing this historic event, a tall and handsomely clothed man whose mien was beyond beautiful, sitting on a throne that was elevated from the ground. He seemed very worried and he looked rather absent-minded. Suddenly, he stood up and he shouted “Keep quiet fellow wizards!”

The noise in the room began to die down, however, there were two people who were still talking. The grand wizard who the fellow wizard call “Beyonville” walked to these two people, took a knife from the pocket and cut one of their ears each and threw it into his mouth and ate it in a seemingly satisfying manner.

“Thanks for dinner, if you have no use of your ears, my stomach does.” He said and went back to his throne. The slot where their ears were located before this unfortunate event began to bleed and the people around them began to lick the blood that was coming out of it. The scene exhibited such disgusting elements. The room was very quiet and he began to speak, “Fellow wizards, we live in hard, uncertain and dangerous times, the Roman Church is persecuting us. This is the main reason why I have assembled witches from various nations, race and color into this very room. I know that the room is hot, do pardon me, after this ritual, it will be worth it.”

He began to pace around the room looking at the old ceiling which had no architectural beauty and significance. The room was a big one, it was the hall of a once rich man who the malevolent spirits worried fast and worried faster till he had no option than to kill himself. There was no furniture in the room and of course from the look of things, no one needed them; some of the witches were sprawling on the floor like flowers, others were sitting on the ceiling and had obviously defiled the law of gravity. By estimation, I guess the witches in the room numbered three hundred. Some of the witches were good looking, others were just as horrible as one could ever imagine. Beside the throne of Beyonville laid a very big book which was heavily guarded by some kind of meaner demons who looked as if they will have a feast on anyone who even harbored thoughts of going near the book.

Beyonville spoke again and the room once again returned to its quiet nature, “In your various homes are your bodies which are laying down on your various beds, but can you guess what…” he said and paused for a while pacing the room again.

A witch sitting at the back of the hall shouted “Lord Beyonville, we await your speech, relieve us from this anguish and tell us what befalls us today.”

“Indeed, I have no option than to break this sad news to all of you, fellow witches and wizards, no one is going out this room today. This evening, we shall all die in this very room. Our human bodies will die also that very instant. There shall be a great cry in the world. 300 witches and wizards are going to die in both spirit and body.

“What is the reason for the stupid decision?” a wizard shouted again from the crowd.

“You dare question my wisdom and judgment? Lee witch from China. You will die earlier than we all!”

He turned his head anti-clockwise and walked towards to Lee. A cold breeze swept across the room; as to where the cold breeze came from, I am yet to find out. He walked over the other witches and wizards and held Lee by the head and swallowed him in full.

“Interesting, I knew that today I was going to die, little did I know that I was going to have the feast of my life.”

Varying degrees of fears visited each and everyone in the room. They had witness two of the disgusting events in their lives; two of the fellow comrades have had their ears chopped off and eaten, one had been swallowed by Lord Beyonville and they were all about to die out of a death which is still being debated.

“Fellow witches and wizards, we are in a hard and dangerous times! Yes hard times. And we have to save our race from the Roman Church. They are after us and if we do not preserve our race, we will die and the world will be free from sin, free from malevolence, the world will be a better place to live in. Do you want this to happen to us?”

The room was quiet, it was as if no one (I don't know if I should even call them people) heard the question that was being asked.

“Fellow witches and wizards, which of them are you “deaf” or “dumb or both? Do you want this to happen to us?”

They began to murmur among themselves. Whilst some of them chorused “No”, others chorused “Not at all”, whilst some of them responded “Never!”

“Good boys and girls, I always knew you would reason up with me. Now I have devised this brilliant plan. I have spoken to the grand demon himself, Lucifer and ---“

Someone interjected him “Lord Lucifer himself? Wow. Lord Beyonville was able to have an audience with Lord Lucifer. Wow. I am speechless”

“Magdalene, witch from Sweden, your flattery is heartwarming but I must suggest that today our greatest fiend is time and the more of it we waste, the greater the enemy it becomes. As I

stand here and as you sit down here, the Roman Church has sent an army of over two thousand including the Pope himself. They are at Constantinople and marching fast and faster they are ready to kill and destroy our nation. So please little of these interjections will do. Although I admire your flattery. So back to the point, yes I had audience with Lord Lucifer and he showed me the way by which we can protect ourselves from this Roman army and again achieve immortality.”

The people in the room began to applaud. Indeed, this was a great proposal by all wizardry standards and it had been the desire of first generation of witches which was headed by Lord Jesse, Lord Beyonville's great grandfather. He went to seek audience with Lord Lucifer but he bluntly refused to show him the formulation to preparing the elixir. Now finally their generation of witches, headed by the most handsome wizard ever; even more handsome than Lucifer himself; Lord Beyonville, were going to possess the elixir and certainly they were very happy.

The room turned noisy again and this time round they refused to be controlled. Lord Beyonville shouted but his voice was drowned by the noise. He turned into a dragon and blew fire over all the witches and wizard in the hall. After doing so, he turned back to his old handsome self and there was quiet in the room. Some of the witches got burnt beyond recognition but were still alive.

“I think this will let me have some silence. As I was saying, I know have the formula to preparing the elixir. But there is one condition, in order for us to protect ourselves from the Roman Army and live forever, we need to destroy this our flesh, get buried in the belly of the Earth for 349 years and after that our souls will rise again under my powers and then we shall rule again. During the ritual, the Roman Army will seek to destroy all of us in this very room, pray on us but however I shall kill the Pope together with his army even before they enter the gates of this hall. The next day, the people will discover the death of the Pope, his army and the nation of witches and wizard. They will set fire to this hall which contains our remains. That is the reason

why our bodies in our various homes will get burnt and we shall die as a result of this act. We will have no body but our soul and spirit will come back to live after 349 years.”

“Lord Beyonville, can I ask a question without being killed or suffering negative consequences?”

“Jude from Italy, you can ask the question, I promise you that you shall suffer not a consequence.”

“So if we resurrect, which body will we use since as per your earlier submission, we will have no bodies”

“Good question. The answer to this is very simple. We can enter into the body of any person and make it ours. We can torment and do anything to that body and leave it at our wish. Now without further ado, let us get straight to the ritual.”

“But Lord Beyonville, if I may ask –“
“For Lucifer's sake, can we proceed to the ritual? We don't have enough time. As we speak, the Roman Army is just a few miles away from this hall! By my estimation, they will get here within the next forty five minutes, the ritual itself takes thirty five minutes, we have got no time. Ask me the question when we resurrect again.”

Meanwhile the Roman Army was fast approaching. In one of the chariots sat the Pope. This was the singular most important event he might undertake before he dies. He was an old man of about sixty five, his reign in the papacy had been marked by controversies, internal quarrels and also the activities of the witches. Should this quest of ending the dominance of the witches over the human race be successful, he can sleep and think about the Heavenly Father. During his reign, the witches had been seemingly powerful and had engaged in all kinds of boisterous activities without any sort of fear or repercussion on them. They had brutally murdered one-tenth of the population of non-wizardry human race.

Deep inside, he was very worried about the outcome of this quest; a quest which he himself had named the “Magnum Operatum.” Should he succeed in this quest of eliminating the wizardry world which was headed by Lord Beyonville, he can then cover his corruptions and his failure as a Pope. Should he fail this request, there was only one possibility; he was going to die, probably be killed by one of the witches or wizard or probably by Lord Beyonville himself. The imaginations of this tore his spleen into two! This was the first time, he was going to meet Lord Beyonville face-to-face although he had heard legendry malevolent tales about him and the kind of things he could do. To be honest, he was very much afraid of him.

“Daniel, are we there yet?” he asked one of his men.

“Pope Michael, we are yet to get there but we are very close” he replied

“Good, hurry up. My people are waiting for the good news we are yet to bring.

The mental picture of failure flashed his mind again. Sitting in Constantinople was Puritanus, who was tipped in becoming the next pope after his demise. His demise would bring good news to him; he was his major critic and he was the one who uncovered his corrupt nature to the world. Should he succeed in this quest, the first thing he was going to do was to have him beheaded. He had already plotted with Sister Penelope to falsely accuse him of rape. In fact, he had already prepared his charge sheet. 'Death by hanging,' how nice that would be” he soliloquized.

Soon they approached the mountain, The Manor Plaza could be seen seated atop of the mountain, this was the house were the Pope was going to, he couldn't wait to destroy the wizardry kingdom, he couldn't wait and even the heavens knew it. The house was the only one located in that long strip of land, the house was a once handsome house and it was the dream of everyone to build a house of such magnificence. Before Beyonville and his witches invaded that house, the Pope had visited that house twice and on those two occasions had he slept over.

In fact, the owner of the Manor Plaza, Augustine had been the major sponsor of the Pope's activities.

When the witches took over Augustine's possession, his finances went at all-time low. He had to increase the tax rate and base just to maintain his budget and with this move came the loss of faith people had in him. It was at this point that Puritanus stood up and gathered people to overthrow him. He nearly won the war and in other to save his seat and his head, he had to quickly revert those taxes. Augustine's children were also friends to the Pope's nephews and nieces who lived near the city. In fact, the Pope had arranged a marriage between one of his nieces and one of Augustine's son. Should this marriage had come off, it would have cemented his financial status. However this dream of his fell flat on the floor when the witches after chasing the man out of his house decided to kill all his ten children. So much of unmerciful disasters to follow a man who once had everything at his disposal!

To the pope, this wasn't just a war to cleanse the town out of the activities of the witches and wizards, it was a kind of revenge that he have been longing for to unleash on Beyonville and his followers for destroying his plans. If it wasn't for Beyonville, he would have been living a very comfortable life, Pope Michael had already amassed loads of gold and silver which awaited him when he announces his historic retirement but this dream of course failed materialize thanks to Beyonville.

In the Manor Plaza, Beyonville sat on his throne whilst the witches and wizards were conversing among themselves. He shouted “Fellow witches and wizards, join forces and form ten triangles; each triangle should have thirty members exactly! Nothing more, nothing else. The significance of adhering to the rules of numbers is very significant. When you form a triangle, no outside force can penetrate it and that is the significance of it, if we are to overcome and defeat death, we must form perfect triangles so that Lord Death cannot penetrate and kill us.”

There was a great pandemonium whilst they were forming the triangle but in no time they were done. Ten perfect triangles were formed with each witch holding the hand of the other and drawing powers from each other. “Now direct your powers to me and let me perform the ritual!” The thunder began to strike as they were directing their powers to Lord Beyonville.

Outside the Manor Plaza was quiet, nothing could be heard and it was if nothing was happening in the room. It was deep in the night and the moon was above in the sky, there were no stars in the sky.

Pope Michael and his army arrived safely in the Manor Plaza. They had already packed their horses down the valley and had walked up the mountain to the Manor Plaza. They did not need huge arsenals because this was a matter of spiritual warfare, the battle was not unto horses or guns but unto whose God had much power.

Pope Michael touched the door and recoiled immediately. He did the sign of the cross and said to his army, “Let us pray. Our father who art in Heaven, Hallowed be Thy Name, Thy Kingdom come, Thy will be done on Earth as it is in Heaven”

And his army replied “Give us this day our daily bread and forgive us of our trespasses as we forgive those who trespass against us. And lead us not into temptation but deliver us from evil. Amen”

After the prayer was said, he signed to his army to push the door. With all their strength they used but the door refused blatantly to listen to their request. The door had been protected by

charms and could only be broken by a very strong power. The army kept on trying but the door still refused to listen. The pope finally said “Boys, form a queue of three people behind my back and let us start the Lord Prayer today.

They did and they kept on praying and without any warning or whatsoever the door opened. It opened and all what there was, was quiet. The hall was empty and as good as new, it looked as if it had been a long time since anyone had visited the hall.

“Pope are you sure that they are here?” one of the men from the army said.

“I trust my intelligence. From what I know of Beyonville he is a very deceitful person and this must be one of his tricks”

“Michael, my name is not Beyonville, my name is Lord Beyonville please address me as such. Everyone got shocked and turned back. It was the captain of the army! “De-possess my man immediate you grand wizard from hell!”

“You see Michael the thing about me is that I was here even before your grandfather was born so it should suggest to you that old dogs know better tricks”

“I command you, leave my army commander alone.”
Lord Beyonville began walking towards Pope Michael and the Pope began to move back in a shaking manner. “Michael, your threats are very empty. You think you are the only one who has intelligence, well guess what you are very wrong. There are two masters who are competing among themselves: Lord Lucifer and Jehovah-God. Each one is a master of his own household and would not bow down to no one and I mean no one. You want to destroy the household of Lord Lucifer and do you think he will sit down and allow it? Beyond the hall lies the elixir and tonight your army and my witches are going to die but we shall rise up and rule the world. If your God is powerful than mine, let him give you the elixir, let Him save you from my hands, let him let this cup pass but your God sits in Heaven dressed in white with angels around him and

all what he talks about are issues of virtue and morality. But my god and lord sits down in hell waiting to help make the world a better place. His job is to set humans free from the bondages of Jehovah-God and now is the right time.”

“And you think you can win this war?”
“We can always find out about that Michael” he said with an evil laughter. Lord Beyonville left the commander's body and the commander came back to himself. “Pope Michael, let's call this a lost battle and go home” one of the men in the army suggested.

“Not so fast my dear Michael and my future servant” Lord Beyonville said this time round appearing in his real body. He had vanished and had reappeared behind Pope Michael who at this time had recovered from the shock that Lord Beyonville had given him.

“Do you care for some little entertainment?”
“Beyonville, we are not here for entertainment but for some serious business”

“Well from the looks of things, it seems you have either lost your objective in coming here or you just don't have a serious business to discuss.”

“By the name of God that I serve, I command you to die!”

“Pope Michael, you forget that you have loose morals, you think it is that easy defeating a demon with your loose morals? You think it is just that easy to defeat a grand demon like me with your loose morals? Never mind, I shall entertain you nonetheless. I hear you love poetry and here is some poetry for you, I hope you enjoy it. Please do because after it I shall be killing all of you.

Her home is a world down the world
A semi-cosmic dimension
Her kiss makes my lifeless body hold
She promised to give me her poison

She is beautiful like the devil
I know but I want to be her victim
Ready to be adopted in her veil
Magic is her maxim

She will make me see the world's innings
But she is stuck on Earth
Together we will mend her wings
Together, we shall come alive through birth

Let your maxim take us to the finish line
Even when we rise make me never lose you.

Lord Beyonville finished reciting the poem and everyone present was shocked. The theme of the poem was so dark, so evil and beyond comprehension. Nothing in this poem sounded like entertainment and obviously Beyonville and the army had varying views on entertainment.

“Michael, at least you could have done best by applauding me. Well if you do not applaud me for obviously a good work done, let me show you how I killed Augustine, I should think that this one would interest you because this seems that the old one didn't impress you at all. I will show you what kind of misery I turned his life into. Enjoy this piece of work, Michael.

It was one night,
One night; a dark one in December
When the nights were cold; very cold
Clearly I remember that night
From the bed the clocks were ticking
Tick tock, tick tock, tick tock, tick tock
I am sure, I am so sure
That I heard "You need me just come closer"

It was one night
One night; a dark one in December
When I had the Bible laying on my bed
Clearly I remember that night
And the voice kept on calling me; calling me
Come nearer,
I am so sure
That I saw myself "Flying very high; very high"

It was one night
One night; a dark one in December
I remember that from a broken mirror
Clearly I remember that very well
That someone saw me from his window
And he shouted; very loud; he shouted
"Jesus, Jesus, Jesus, Jesus, Jesus, Jesus, Jesus"
And I lost my grip in the air
Then I began to fall down; fall down

I used to be a rich man
Who people adore very much
And here I am, fighting with myself
Against any enemy that controls my thoughts
An enemy who I was completely defenseless against
Here I am sitting down on this floor, with foreigners around me

Calling me wizard, something I know definitely that I am not

If you know the black knight tell him to let me go

“Michael, you are still not smiling? I hate it when I try to entertain my guest and they don't show signs of happiness. Perhaps this last poem will lighten up your mood.

The one that hated Christmas
Behold it is Christmas
Everybody; the young, youth and the old alike
All exhibit signs of happiness
Everybody loves Christmas except the chicken
To the chicken, there is one reality
Whenever the big red and white man appears
Their population begins to dwindle.

Except the chicken
Behold it is Christmas
Everybody; the young, youth and the old alike
Goes out to make merry
Everybody hates being in a crowded places except the chicken

To the chicken, being in an overpopulated coop
Is just part of the Christmas deal
After all, no one except the Vegetarian cared.

Mercy Christmas
Behold it is Christmas
Everybody; the young, youth and the old alike
Wants to be picked out for dinner
The chicken is picked and his brother
Says to him ''mercy Christmas, rest well
In the stomach of the whale
To the Chicken, Christmas is like Easter
But wait a minute, are they spared in Easter.

Ceremonial Bath
Behold it is Christmas
Everybody; the young, youth and the old alike
Enjoy the tender meat of the chicken
Everybody avoids the knife but not the chicken
To the chicken, there is only one reality
They are going to have their first ''ceremonial'' bath

The bath that leads them to the stomach of the whale.

Still Pope Michael wasn't smiling and was still recoiling backward and backwards till he hit the door to the entrance of the Major Plaza.

“Beyonville, do you realize that if I should go into this hall and even displaced the body of one of your people, the elixir would not be achieved?”

“Michael that would be an unsuccessful venture but however you can always try and we can always find out if it would work? Beyonville replied.

“How is that? Because I know that the elixir of life works when the ten triangles have been properly positioned in a kind of ecclesiastical design with the leader right in the middle to ensure homeostatic” Pope Michael snorted. 'Yes, it is true and as to how you got this piece of shocking information from, we are yet to find out although that this juncture of time, it is

clearly irrelevant a discussion to me because you are not going into the hall because I am killing you and your army here and here”

The army began to circle around Beyonville and the Pope brandishing swords at the grand witch in a manner which had the description “Don't even breathe or else, you shall have your head to serve the disobeying consequences.”

Beyonville gave an evil laughter and this really shocked everyone around there. “And what is the laughter for? Because since infancy, I have been taught by my good parents that death is no laughing matter.” One of the soldiers shouted from the army.

“Indeed, your parents taught you the right thing but did you for once think that you could kill me with the sword? Do you for once think that I am unprotected from all swords in the world? Including those which have magical powers whether white or black. Well I am just thinking of the most fashionable way to take your various lives. One idea has just entered my brains and oh Pope Michael, it is nothing but brilliant!” Beyonville replied in a teasing way.

Suddenly, one of the soldiers in the army pierced Beyonville with his sword and some spell around Beyonville threw him as far as off the mountain. This brought shock to all their faces including this Pope!

“Michael, you have been silent today. You are not in your usual rhetoric elements today but however I shall nonetheless relieve you off all suffering. You know that I am a man of brevity, I don't waste time especially when it is a simple matter like killing someone.”

His body began to turn into flames and bigger and bigger he was, growing into an ugly monster and before long, he had turned into a dragon. The soldiers began to run away; Pope Michael went into his chariot ready to be driven home. “Move men, move men!” Pope Michael ordered.

Just as they were about to move, Lord Beyonville began to fly over on them blowing fire which burnt all the army. They began to wail in sympathetic proportions which began to wake up the people in the city up.

Beyonville turned back to him and entered the hall ready to finalize the last stage of the ritual. All this happened in 1661 and this changed the world so much that nothing was the ever same again.

It was a clear day with little humid and the sun shining with so much power. There I sat with my mother aboard a train home. I sat opposite my mother, staring at her in a disagreeable fashion. I hated her for one and million reasons; one, she was too over-protective. Two, she didn't like me to enjoy life like how my friends did. Reasons three to one million which I shall keep to myself.

As the train was in motion, the lights suddenly went off. I was neither afraid nor worried; what I cared about was getting home and probably read "Wuthering Heights" by Emile Bronte. Suddenly the lights came back and I began to have mental images of the pillar of salt. I felt I was hallucinating. Perhaps, it was as a result of the drinks I drank at my father's end.

Suddenly, my mother looked at me with a terrific expression. I have known my mother for fourteen years and never had she had this facial expression before. I knew something was wrong, instantly I decided to look back to see what had caused the change in my mother's facial expression. But she said in a whimper." Whatever happens, don't look back." I began phantom the reason for my mother's recent facial and verbal expression. What was so scary that she didn't want me to look back?

For some reason, I felt it was one of my mother's over-protective ruse. My mother has almost always never allowed me to enjoy anything in my own description as sweet; well, as far as she could help it. I pick a toffee and the next moment, it is being snatched from my hands. I decide to play a little video game and the next time, it is being seized. Right away, I began to think that whatever my mom didn't want me to see had a bit of amusement in it. She looked at me with her hands on my face and repeated "Whatever happens, don't look back"

There and then, I heard the people on the train rejoicing over something which I couldn't find out. Some were laughing, some were saying "Oh! What a show, it's really had me going." The euphoria went on for thirty minutes by conjecture. The train seem to be moving rather slowly, my mom seem not in a position to take her hands off my face or give me even a piece of information, the terror on her face like our journey back home was also never-ending.

I heard someone call my seat number and I decided to look back but my mother's facial expression told me not to do so. The person kept on calling my name forever but I couldn't even respond. “But mom, you taught me to always respond when my name is being called.” She gave no reply. The people in the train began to reprise in unison "Turn back, turn back, you have more to gain and nothing to lose if you do so." I don't know but I began to trust the choruses more than my mother. I began to cry but my mom look at me and said "I know you don't trust me but trust me on this one, don't turn back."

Finally I said to my mom "why don't you want me to be happy?" She looked at me with her hands still on my face, "I want you to be happy but the joy happening on this train is one which kills. As I said, don't turn back." For some reason, I trusted her this time. The jubilations began to ebb slowly by slowly. Finally the noise died and my mom released her hands from my face. When she did, it was as if her hands were imprinted on my face.

"You can now look back." I don't think my mom even finished her speech when I turned back. I realized that there is no one in the train! The train was nearly full when we boarded it but now it was empty. I was sure it didn't stop anywhere. "Mom, whatever happen to the people on the train?" "Beyonville took them, if you had looked back, you would have gone with them!"

“Lord Michael! Lord Michael!” the army general shouted on top of his voice calling his leader, lord and master.

“Please call me once, I am deaf neither I am dumb” he replied.

“Lord, have you heard the news?”
“The news about Beyonville's return? Of course yes, I have been waiting for this day for 349 years so no news especially about that of Beyonville will go unnoticed!”

“So what are you going to do to bring back the people Beyonville took from the train?”

There was a brief silence in the room. Everything in the room was modern, the office chair was up to the date. The computer on top of the table was bought only yesterday and it was the latest model anyone with money would lust for. The calendar on the door post read “2010”. The world was commemorating 349 years after the Major Plaza disaster. Now the Major Plaza was no more and on top of the land where the once glamorous house once stood was this building of equal magnificence and importance stood (at this juncture of time, this building houses the two people who are currently engaging in this discourse). This house is now the Palace of Lord Michael, the ruler of the world. Everyone bows down towards Lord Michael and he that did not bow down had his head was beheaded.

“And in fact I expect him here in any moment from me. Please tell the guards not to kill anyone who appears or enters this palace with weird apparel. Whoever kills such a man of this description does so at his own peril and my wrath.” He added

“Ok Lord, I am going to inform everyone” he replied and off he was to carry out the wishes of his master. He gave a sigh of relief and he began to rock in his chair.

“Michael, I thought I killed you in 1661”
Michael turned around only to see Beyonville sitting on his sofa. “Wow. Impressive! I must admit everything in this 21st Century is tasteful furnished. Every time I walk around, I see mad people on the streets. Everyone is mad of late; they keep on talking to this device and I began to wonder why that kind of attachment to it.”

“Beyonville, that device is called a mobile phone and it can be used to call anyone in any part of this world!”

“Very impressive but back to my question, I thought I killed you in 1661?”

“You did but I am still here” Michael replied.
“I don't follow your premise. You are to be dead if indeed you assert to the fact that I killed you.”

“Beyonville, you see so many things happened whilst you were buried in the belly of the Earth and I am now Lord of the whole Earth and everyone bows down to me.”

Beyonville gave a loud snort. “Beyonville, are you not even concerned that this building is sitting on top of the souls of 300 witches you buried 349 years ago?”

“Precisely why I came here. This town is so developed that I do not know where I buried my kingdom so my meeting here was to suggest a deal.”

“Go on, am listening to Lord Beyonville's deal”
“If indeed, this building houses my witches let us demolish it so that I can have my witches back. Rule for hundred years on proviso that you have the elixir and I can also rule for a millennium. And by the way, how were you able to come back to life after I had killed you?”

“Beyonville, this is the question I have been waiting for you to ask and its answer is what I have been dying to share with you. Hold my hands and let us go back in time. Let us go back to the day before you killed me and after that we shall journey to the year “1771. Lord Beyonville hold my hands and let us travel back in time. Back to the day in history which changed all things in the world. The year of magnificence. The year 1771”

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