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31.05.2007 Sports News

Goal Celebrations

Goal Celebrations

As fans celebrate a goal, so do players. For many years, celebrations were no more flamboyant than a simple punch of the air and a hug from a teammate.

All that changed in the 1980s and 1990s, partly thanks to the acrobatic backflips and handsprings of Mexican striker, Hugo Sanchez.

Since then, players have rocked imaginary babies, danced the conga and pulled off spectacular gymnastic moves. Nigerian international, Julius Ashahowa, for example, is famous for performing six or seven backflips in a row.

Referees can penalise teams for time-wasting through long celebrations, and authorities often take action against players who stir up opposition fans with rude or provocative gestures.

Goalscoring records

All-time leading goalscorers

Artur Friedenreich (Brazil) 1,329 goals (1909 –39)

Pele (Brazil) 1,281 goals (1956-77)

Franz Binder (Germany) 1,006 goals (1930-50)

Most International Goals

104 – Ali Daei (Iran), 1993-May 2005

Most goals in one International Match

13 – Archie Thompson (Australia), 2001

Fastest International Goal

8 seconds – Davide Gualtieri

(San Marino) against England, 1993

Fastest Goal

2.8 seconds – Ricardo Olivera

(Argentina) for Rio Negro, 1998

Fastest Own Goal

8 seconds – Pat Kruse (England),

playing for Torquay United, 1977