05.02.2024 Boxing

Emmanuel Addo aims to lead Ghana Boxing Authority

By Sammy Heywood Okine
Emmanuel Addo aims to lead Ghana Boxing Authority
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Former boxer, Emmanuel Addo has been very passionate about Ghana Boxing for many years and now decided to become President of the Ghana Boxing Authority (GBA) at the next elections.

In an exclusive interview with this portal from his base in the USA, he revealed some of his vision and mission to transform Ghana Boxing.

"Sure l have a mindset to make things happen in better form for Ghana," he expressed.

He noted that Sports and Tourism can take Ghana far and rake in revenue as a country that has produced many world champions.

"Promoting boxing to attract tourists is the dream, that people can come from America to watch Ghana boxers and other things in the motherland. we can fashion a way to promote Boxing in Ghana and make sure that boxers are ranked and allowed to fight in the Championships.

"My great ambition for now is to make sure the Commonwealth titles come back to Ghana," he stressed.

Emmanuel Addo who grew up in Accra and knows every corner of Bukom attended John Teye Memorial Institute. He loved Boxing and became a professional boxer, fighting to the highest level as Ghana's National Champion. His dream to become an Olympian could not materialize, after campaigning in the amateur ranks, but has been successful in teaching his passion, Boxing.

He is now a coach in the USA, where he has lived for 13 years, and married with two kids, his daughter is always with him.

In his vision, Addo said the difference in Boxing Management is making sure that boxing becomes life for the people involved. He believes those dedicated to Boxing and hardworking people must not suffer after retirement.

"Coaching is about teaching someone great skills something that can help him earn something in life. I see the future of Boxing becoming better and better when l come to office make sure that fighters can get recognized by the world sanctioned bodies like WBC, WBA, IBF, WBO and also making sure that Commonwealth title comes to life," he said.

He promised in his mission to create an awards scheme now for boxers, coaches, promoters, and managers that would be organised annually.

"I can never work alone, do I will involve great business partners and people who love sports, especially Boxing," he noted.