10.08.2022 Boxing

Ghana amateur boxers, Black Bombers deserve better

By Sammy Heywood Okine
Ghana amateur boxers, Black Bombers deserve better
10.08.2022 LISTEN

It is about time that we say it as it must be told to save Ghana Boxing.

Out of 60 medals won by Ghana at the Commonwealth Games, 35 were collected by boxing; 8 Gold, 13 Silver, and 14 Bronze.

For the last four or five international multisports events that Ghana has participated in, they come out with positive results but the Ghana Boxing Federation (GBF) and amateur boxers are not given the support that they deserve.

In 2022, out of 9 boxers presented to the Commonwealths Games, the Black Bombers won 3 medals 2 Silver by Bantamweight Abraham Mensah and Featherweight Joseph Commey, and 1 Bronze by Light welterweight Wahid Omar.

In 2021 at the 2020 Tokyo Olympic Games, represented by 3 boxers, Ghana won one Bronze medal, the best result for Africa by Featherweight Samuel Takyi.

In 2018 at the Commonwealth Games in Australia, the whole Team Ghana won one Bronze medal by Jessie Lartey.

In 2014 at the Commonwealth Games in Glasgow, Scotland, Team Ghana won two Bronze medals in Judo and Boxing by Wahid Omar.

In 2010, Heavyweight Awusone Yekeni won Bronze for Ghana at the Commonwealth Games and repeated in 2006 at Melbourne 2006.

At Auckland in 1990, Middleweight Joseph Laryea got Silver while Super Heavyweight Liadi Alhassan won Silver.

In Victoria Australia in 1994, Light Welterweight Tijani Moro won the Bronze.

The best performance at the Commonwealth Games was at Kuala Lumpur in Malaysia in 1998 where Lightweight Raymond Narh won Gold, Light Middleweight James Tony took Bronze, Light Heavyweight Charles Adamu grabbed Bronze and Super Heavyweight Moyoyo Aloryi came home with a Bronze medal.

Statistically one can observe that boxing always brings home something.

Coach Dr. Ofori Asare has been with the team for over two decades, and deserves to be honored.

So we must ask ourselves as a nation, why don’t we invest more into boxing? So that we can reap big.

The Black Bombers did not prepare well at all for the 2022 Commonwealth Games, no residential camping, no proper nutrition, and no motivation, yet they made the nation proud.

The young boxers need scholarships for their education. They also need good nutrition and balanced diets to be healthy and strong to perform at a world-class level.

They need exposure and experience with travels to other advanced nations to learn more.

They also need to be renumerated frequently, not to be bothered with financial problems. The same treatment given to footballers in the Black Stars should be given to the Black Bombers.

They should be motivated in a way that turning into professionals early would not attract them so that they can be on the national team for five or eight years.

Our national boxers should be well branded so that they can be noticed and respected everywhere they go.

Corporate Ghana should be very interested to invest in the national boxers and use them for advertising and promotions.

The boxing gyms must be revamped with modern equipment through government sustenance.

Coaches, referees, and other ring officials need motivation and frequent refresher courses and programs to make them abreast with modern trends in the sport.

There should be a development plan for the GBF, from now through 2023 to 2033 to see what happens.

Already there are young boxers, the Black Rockets, and the juveniles under grooming. The future is always bright for boxing, but we need more medals.

As Ghana hosts the 13th African Games in 2023, our target should be sweeping all the Gold medals in boxing.

England took an entirely new young squad to the 2022 Commonwealth Games, and they won 2 Gold, 3 Silver, And 3 Bronze medals,

Females who are interested in boxing should be encouraged to engage themselves in a profession to build their future.

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