The state of sports betting in Ghana

By Ghanasoccernet
Opinion The state of sports betting in Ghana
APR 5, 2022 LISTEN

Of all the types of gambling available in Ghana, lottery and casinos are the most popular. The gambling industry is booming in the African country, with new online casinos emerging every day.

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However, besides the lottery and casinos, there's one type of gambling that has taken the African country by storm - sports betting.

The emergence of sports betting in Ghana has urged the government to regulate the process which resulted in the creation of the Gaming Commission. With a law for sports betting in place, Ghanaians can now freely enjoy the thrills European football, the NFL, NBA, and other sports.

More than five betting companies have set up shop in Ghana in the past few years. You can simply visit Safaribet or Premier Betting and place a bet right then and there or use their mobile apps to bet online, which is far more convenient.

These new bookies have recognized Ghana's betting potential and are already looking to extend their operations to other parts of the country. As the interest for football betting grows, more and more markets will be added to the offer, which should make sports betting even more popular.

Additionally, these companies and others are also opening new jobs in the poor African country. Thanks to the creation of new jobs, they're supporting Ghana's economy, which makes them more than welcome in the country.

The unemployment level in Ghana is pretty high and the government hopes that new betting operators can help. As more and more punters join the fold, the situation should improve. It will take years, of course, but betting operators will definitely improve Ghana's economic situation.

Not everything is rosy, however. With sports betting being so popular in Ghana, it opens up the door to problem gambling. Surprisingly, it has also led to a decrease in the popularity in Ghanaian football as fans are more excited by the big European leagues.

This is something that many sports betting operators are hoping to fix soon. For example,, a new operator that has been online for more than a year, has included Ghanaian football leagues in their offer and even promoting them instead of the big guns.

It's a bold move which should popularize African football and hopefully draw in big sponsors and maybe even new jobs. In this way, the sports betting industry is hoping to help Ghana and it's clear that the positives are outweighing the negatives in this case.

It certainly did something great for this young gentleman - he won thousands on a tiny bet which eventually helped him set up his own business.