Babatunde Faluyi, Nigeria's celebrated entertainment icon marks birthday with alluring photos

  Mon, 06 Jun 2022
Celebrities Birthday Babatunde Faluyi, Nigeria's celebrated entertainment icon marks birthday with alluring photos

It is another swell time for the world to celebrate one of Nigeria’s most successful entertainment icons, Engr. Babatunde Faluyi as he marks his birthday today.

Born in Ilesha, Osun state, Babatunde popularly known as Engr.Tundegod, rose to stardom in Portharcourt as a result of his enormous contributions to the entertainment industry in the ever bubbling city and beyond.

The project manager of Plantgeria Company and CEO of Baneyo global services LTD; Babatunde is regarded by many as Godsent chiefly because of his excretion of kindness and endless support for event organisers, content creators, young and upcoming entertainers amongst others.

A recipient of many philanthropy and human development awards, Engr Tunde own and runs a successful NGO, Tundegod foundation and has reached out to many less privileged individuals across Nigeria.

Speaking to Engr. Tunde in a private interview, responded to questions regarding his personality and public engagements which have attracted many accolades, "I'm a straightforward person; I believe everybody around me must be happy", the ever-smiling fashionista, said.

"I don’t like mingling with people that are not straightforward in their approach to life & humanity".

Engr Babatunde also encourages the models and queens in Port Harcourt and Niger Delta to believe in themselves and also make society their essential obligation through humanitarian projects.

On his thought and advice for Port Harcourt entertainers, he shared:

"Honestly, Port Harcourt entertainers are truly talented and if given same kind type of opportunities & market growth as Lagos, I assure you they'll maximize more of their potential globally.

"On the other hand, I strongly advise love & unity amongst themselves which is one of the bedrock & key to success."

To celebrate his birthday, he shares this stunning photoshoot.