Pempe; An awakening of Sisterhood with Seyi Shay.

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Celebrity Picks Pempe; An awakening of Sisterhood with Seyi Shay.

Award-winning artist Seyi Shay released her latest hit track Pempe featuring fellow star Yemi Alade early last month. The catchy lyrics and rhythm have made the hit duet an anthem for many across the globe. For Seyi, this track birthed more than just good music, it ignited her passion for sisterhood and the joy that it brings. Seyi Shay is committed to empowering women and in view of her passion for fashion, she and her team put together a closet raid to connect with women who also value sisterhood.

To be part of the closet raid, an online Pempe Challenge was held; fans were asked to sing, dance or vibe to Pempe using the hashtags #BigGirl #Pempe #RaidSeyiShaysCloset.

On Saturday, 19th of June 2021, On Saturday, 19th of June 2021,luscious cream liquor infused with African honey – Baileys Delight, sponsored the closet raid and it was nothing short of heartfelt and inspiring. The award-winning artist Seyi Shay gave full access to her favourite pieces, some of them were worn for award shows and the popular television talent show Nigerian Idols. Each piece had a poignant story tied to it and spurted up memories that Seyi Shay shared with the girls.


The closet raid started with a warm welcome from Seyi to the lucky girls who won the online competition. The girls instantly struck a natural rapport with Seyi.

During the raid, Seyi spoke about her early life and her career journey. She engaged the girls in an intimate conversation about her life, lessons and the importance of women supporting each other. A point that struck a note with everyone is one of her greatest life lessons, “always show kindness and uplift others however possible”, Seyi said. The ladies were given the opportunity to have an open line of communication to ask questions and share their opinions on some of the social challenges of being a woman.

The closet raid was intimate, it was a delight to see women come together to discuss mutual topics of interest; fashion, relationships and career. To conclude the event, Seyi surprised the girls with a special note and a carefully curated gift box with some of her favourite brands. The gift box included items from Baileys, Tiwi Fragrance, Adorn Parfums, Oju by Sapphire, Medina Soap, Kaldi Coffee, Zaron cosmetics, Nubian Skin, Igo Glass, Bohanna, Oriki, TSG cosmetic and House of Rheevo makeup.


The Baileys Delight team also set up an exquisite bar for the lucky girls to indulge in yummy Baileys Delight infused treats and delicious cocktails, perfect for daily treating moments.

For World Music Day, Seyi paid a visit to Harryfield Music Academy. She was received enthusiastically by the staff and students. She shared stories about her music journey, this served as a source of inspiration for the students and staff, who then commemorated an orchestra in the star's name. Moved by emotions, Seyi Shay promised to take one of the students to an Idol Live show and said she will be back to learn and share more with the school.

In the coming weeks, Seyi will continue her empowerment journey by hosting another lucky set of girls for dinner. To learn more about all the exciting things Seyi is getting up to follow her on Instagram on @Iamseyishay .

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