Bernadette Sanko: Meet fast rising African American-based humanitarian and gender advocate

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Upcoming Celebrities Bernadette Sanko: Meet fast rising African American-based humanitarian and gender advocate

There are female leaders around the world who play important role in helping to end global poverty, advocating for gender equity, education and improved health care services. These women often use their minds and resources as means for bettering the conditions of the world. Among such social reformers is Bernadette Sanko Kamara, an African American, based in Maryland.

Bernadette is a community leader and advocate for many humanitarian based issues especially Women’s issues and an experienced Chief Executive Officer for several companies.

Speaking on women's leadership and involvement in the area of humanitarian services, she said:

"As a female philanthropist, I've faced life-changing challenges and opportunities. I've felt the urgent need to address gender equality, women's leadership, and participation in various ways. The need to address gender-based violence, sexual health and reporductive rights are often lacking in mainstream humanitarian action. Women's presence breeds resiliency as we are natural nurturers.

"Let us move towards not only accountability but ensuring actual improvements on how people access assistance and protection. The needs of people affected by crisis are often shaped by gender."

Bernadette is a Scholar-practitioner with a Business degree from the University of Maryland Global Compus (UMGC). Like former USA first lady Michelle Obama, she values the role of education in improving women’s quality of life.

"Every child deserves quality education. Females can become more recognised and contribute to global development if they are well trained. I have set up many programmes to educate children, increase micro credit for the women and increase food security. I am confident this will help bring positive change and fairness in run for gender equality", she said.

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