Karen Obiwulu: The young sensational female Influencer making waves in Nigeria

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Upcoming Celebrities Karen Obiwulu: The young sensational female Influencer making waves in Nigeria
MAR 18, 2019 LISTEN

Nigeria is indeed blessed with raw talents and until you discover one around you, you will never believe they exist.

Just like Folorunsho Alakija, the most Influencer/wealthiest woman in Nigeria who started her career as a fashion brand owner before making the leap to become the most successful female entrepreneur in Nigeria with over 20 numerous businesses to her name. Young female model Karen Obiwulu is fast rising and gradually carving a niche for herself in the ever competitive entrepreneurship-driven world.

The Anambra state born fashion enthusiast started out as brand ambassador for beauty makeup houses mostly around Lagos before making an enchanting stride to the realm of entrepreneurship where she set up her own business"karen brand" which focuses on advertising and promoting other brands.

Despite juggling from one lecture room to another as an undergraduate student of optometry in Abia State University, the young business tycoon still balance her schedules and remain one of the brightest talents in her department.

Unlike most other media influencers, she has a special way of carving her own stunt making it attractive enough to get wide attention. Her followership on social networks especially Instagram 'Flyest_mz" has grown hugely and brands are almost stocking her with jobs.

She has since built for herself wealth of income and admiration both from far her and near. Recently in a chat with media houses, she revealed her plans to complete a house project she's working on in Lagos, set up an office in a nice location in Lagos Island and employ more people that will be working with her.

Above all, she hope to become a successful entrepreneur and a role model to the youth especially the female ones who believe in the girl

child dream.