30.11.2011 Nollywood Media


30.11.2011 LISTEN
By Great Moments Productions

Nollywood and Hollywood converge to create the independent romantic mystery feature film entitled,"Paparazzi Eye in the Dark", which will continue it's 25 city limited theatrical release this summer 2011. It features A-list Nollywood actors from Africa and B-list talent from America. The English language film, shot in Atlanta Ga., has much higher standards of production than most of its genre and tells the story of an aspiring photographer (Van Vicker) who enters the lucrative world of paparazzi photography and unwittingly captures a major scoop that puts him in the center of the cities biggest murder mystery. The film features Nollywoods sexiest A-list actor Van Vicker, famed Nigerian actor/director Tchidi Chikeri, Nigerian actress

J.J. bunny, Ghanaian recording artist Koby Maxwell, Nigerian/American actor Chet Anekwe, American actress Syr Law of Tyler Perry's "A Diary of a Mad Black Woman" and Bayo Akinfemi of the Hollywood Blockbusters "The Tuxedo" and "Bullet Proof Monk". It's also directed by Nigeria's Bayo Akinfemi, cinematography and editing by American filmmaker Black Magic Tim, produced by Ghana's Koby Maxwell and executive produced by Great Moments Productions.

Hoping to be the breakthrough film to introduce the fast growing Nollywood subculture to mainstream audiences, the film is unique because it is a part of an ongoing revolution in Nollywood filmmaking where quality is now put before quantity. It features a strikingly beautiful cast, incredible crossover music, excellent sound/picture quality and professional acting. It appeals to a universal audience and is a collaborative effort of Nigerian and American talents and is the first to have a theatrical release of this size. The film has gotten much support from the previous 10 city premieres from various business, agencies and African press but is currently extending the ad campaign to domestic markets reaching its core fans in the United States. Great Moments Productions is also looking for additional corporate sponsorships for the upcoming 25 city venture and plans to reach larger international audiences in the future. For further details on release dates, merchandise and trailers visit in May of this year.