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Flaunt Some Part Of Your Body Is Female Artist Selling Point - Emma Nyra

By joy akosa
Flaunt Some Part Of Your Body Is Female Artist Selling Point - Emma Nyra

MMMG record first lady and singer Emma Nyra is tagged for often showing off her cleavages when ever she puts on an outfit. The singer has recently explained why she does that. She said showing off the body is part of the selling point for a female artiste.

"It's not that I flaunt them but part of your selling point as a female artist is your body, your voice, your look, your hair, everything. Chidinma's lack of hair is her selling point, you understand. Each part of you is your selling point" she said.

She stated that she flaunts them even if they are not big because she is confident of herself. "Its confidence, you understand. Somebody like Toolz for example, her selling point is her body. Before her voice, it's her body. As a woman, her own packaging is always different. I have grown up to be comfortable with the way the skin is because I have accepted the fact that I can't change it, I have to accept the way I am. Men don't look at me, the women look at women. If I go out with or without makeup, a man will not notice”

“But if I go out and I see a woman, she will say Emma Nyra you are looking different from how I see you on TV. She would comment on everything to my eyebrow but a man won't look that deep unless he is into fashion and everything. I have learnt to accept myself. If you are not confident about yourself, people won't buy your brand" she said

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