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Nii Marmah writes: A country that loves God

I Can't Find My Future
By Data Politico
Nii Marmah, Media Executive and Evangelist. Nii Marmah, Media Executive and Evangelist.
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I think about a country that loves Godand passionately spiritual about its moral and ethical standards. A country with countless religious denominations with the zeal and dedications towards worship. A nation blessed with so many natural resources.

Resources that can transform and project the economy of any nation into a first-class developed one.

Now I ask myself, Where did we go wrong as a country? Do citizens wallow in absolute poverty and hunger? Basic human provisions are difficult to come by because of the larger gap between the rich and the poor in society.

The rich people easily access resources whilst the lower majority are left at the mercy of their own struggles.

I perceive a wind of change. where the lower majority is going to take the bull by its neck and say "enough is enough"A moment where their voices will be unifying and powerful with an intent to fight for what rightly belongs to them.

I look for a future I cannot find with
its rightful roads blocked.
A future with rich mineral resources, green vegetation, Gold, oil, bauxite just to mention few.

I saw the patriotism and a brighter hopeful ending from the beginning.

The future is changing!!
The way of life has to turn into one piece of oblivion.where blatant lies replaces the truth.

where impoverishment, social injustice, inhuman treatment, hopelessness, and greed become a tall order.

Why must we allow our actions to bring us to this threshold of Insurgency, Arab springs, vigilantism, terrorism, uprising, revolution, and civil disobedience in order to seek social justice? Because the civil rights of the lower majority are denied for far too long. must we wait for this to happen?

The future must be bright again!
I want to see my future back!
I will do whatever I can to bring my future back!
The wind of change must be blown!

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