COVID-19: Ghana Gets Support From Gold Fields To Fight Disease

Health (File) Mr. Alfred Baku - EVP
(File) Mr. Alfred Baku - EVP

Since Ghana recorded its first case of COVID-19 in March this year, there have been several donations to Government of Ghana from individuals, groups and companies to help contain the spread of the disease.

To lead by example, President Akufo-Addo and some of his appointees have pledged to donate their three months' salaries to have enough funds to fight the disease which is killing many across the globe.

Ghana’s case currently stands at 566 and can be identified in ten regions, with the latest being the Western Region. Remaining only six regions in which government is making sure they do not record a case.

It is as a result of this, that the gold mining firm, Gold Fields Ghana, has contributed over $830,000 to fight the disease in its operating areas in the Western Region and other parts of Ghana.

The amount which has been channeled to two areas, $433.891 to Government of Ghana and the other $400,000 to the company’s employees and host communities are expected to yield the results it has been earmarked for.

Gold Fields Ghana extending the monetary support to Government of Ghana through the Ghana Chamber of Mines Thursday, April 9, 2020, the Executive Vice President and Head of West Africa Regions for Gold Fields Mr Alfred Baku, expressed that, the contribution was a timely response to government’s call.

“This contribution represents our timely response to the call by the Government of Ghana to support in the fight against COVID– 19, which has been spreading since Ghana reported its first case on 12 March 2020”.

Mr Baku further stated that the $400,000 Gold Fields Ghana is committing into the host communities points to how the company prioritises the healthy needs of those who are closely impacted by their operations.

“As a company which prioritises the health and safety of its employees, we have a duty to support the needy and vulnerable in our society in these challenging times. We believe our contribution will go a long way to flattening the curve and help us return to normal lives soon,” Mr Baku said.

The money quoted for the communities is for the purchasing of handheld thermometers, sanitizers, goggles, face masks, protective gowns and other COVID- 19 prevention equipment.

Prior to the recording of a case in Ghana, Gold Fields had already established restrictive measures where employees went through screening to check body temperatures among others.

The measures the company has taken, they believe, will help prevent the disease from getting close to the employees and host communities.



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