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13.04.2020 Feature Article

Angel Gabriel, Please Don't Blow The Trumpet Now!

Angel Gabriel, Please Don't Blow The Trumpet  Now!
LISTEN APR 13, 2020

So the Bible says there will be a bull with a horn to signify the end time. The man of God sees a bull growing horn and he rings the alarm, this bull is the antichrist, let's cut his head before his horn grows.

Who is working against the plans of God in this case? The believer who dreads the manifestation of biblical prophecies or the worldly person walking perfectly even if ignorantly towards fulfilling prophesy?

Let's says if Bill Gates is the antichrist or 5G is the Gateway to actualise the plans of the antichrist, why'd Christians pray that 5G towers burn and think God would listen? If you pray for 5G towers to burn and they burn and you think God has answered your prayers and not necessarily it being a coincidence, then 5G was never a tool of the devil or the means to the being of the antichrist.

What happened to the many innovations some believers kicked against and attributed to the antichrist? Today we are using most of them. Streetlights, computers, Internet and what have you.

It means 21st Century believers have to be slow in attributing stuffs to the devil or manifestation of end time prophesies and not the God-Given ability to create given to humans. With the way we have gotten it wrong in the past, it is even possible we wont see it when that moment actually happens.

If activities of so called evil people is leading to the manifestation of Biblical prophesies, why should the Christian who stands to gain be the most bothered?

It appears of all people, Christians are the most bothered about Biblical prophesies coming to pass. we are the ones likely to make a conscious attempt to thwart the prophesies from coming to pass. We love the world paa, we don't want Gabriel to blow the trumpet any time soon.

The way we are so quick to ascribe end time prophesies to anything progressive and turn around to embrace them when they become a norm, we might end up missing what really matters to the end time.

Some Pastors have preached against Bible on phones as though we learn the word by chewing the printed paper. Some even claim social media is of the devil, today they are all over the place utilizing it.

Now it 5G.

5G will come and same people will buy the best 5G compatible gadgets for their activities.

G, 2G,3G, 3.9G, 4G and in the near future, 5G. The world would not stop at 5G. Today 64Gigabyte Phone storage is not enough, 10 years ago, my 500 Megabyte Hello Moto was a status symbol.

The world is moving forward regardless of one's belief. If all is getting us close to the manifestation of God's world, it's almost impossible to stop it and God won't be part of such an attempt to kick against the manifestation of His own word.

In view of this, any such agitation is a fruitless rant.

5G is going to happen whether it will lead to the antichrist or not. If all the 5G towers burn, they will fix it and roll it out. If it will lead to the antichrist, then one impossible way to stop it is prayer because then, that will be akin to asking God to operate against his own word.

Just live your life daily as a Christian, walk in God's word and you won't need wild theories, kristosciences and what not to survive.

Just know this, the world will keep going forward and won't stop. We might be doing 7G before we know it.

We cannot stop this progress with prayers Ours is to remain in the faith and let encourage others to do the same.

We will be fine.

NB: As for the 5G link to Covid-19, Pastor Chris didn't say that 5G causes Covid-19, if I understood him, he said Covid-19 has been created to make us go into hiding so that 5G towers are installed without much agitations and demonstrations. This is in itself problematic because it encourages people to disregard the lockdown directives.

That said, the 5G and antichrist claim and attempt to stop it is funny because it will not even be in the interest of God Himself to thwart the antichrist His word has spoken about.

5G will come, don't fast to stop it in vain. Eat and trust in God.

Maranatha Maranatha but low key we want Angel Gabriel's trumpet to get messing.


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