Stop Hounding Dr Tedros, WHO Boss

Feature Article Stop Hounding Dr Tedros, WHO Boss
APR 12, 2020 LISTEN

Why is the US burnt on blaming WHO for their failure in the fight against COVID-19? COVID 19 has exposed the evil of capitalist thinking. There're reports of Covid-19 patients being turned away from hospitals in America because they have no health insurance. A poor country like Ghana, is giving free health care for Covid-19 patients. With an extremist capitalist like Donald J. Trump as president, you can be sure, what rings on the minds of those incharge of America, is how to profit from the Covid-19 drama. The poor and weak are expendables, profit! profit!! profit!!! Please, it's time to rethink your economy taking into cognizance a strategy to rope in the poor and weak on the ladder of fortunes instead of blaming others for your glaringly self-induced failure.

Stop hounding Dr. Tedros Adhanom. He is not responsible for your failed healthcare system. Neither is he responsible for Trump's irresponsible politicisation of an otherwise common fight. Dr Tedros is not also responsible for Trump's dissolution of the pandemic response unit of America's national security at the white house which he, Trump, called "waste of money". Dr Tedros cannot be blamed for the child's play approach by Trump in the initial stages of the pandemic. Oh it's important to highlight reports that, the African-Americans appear to be the worst casualties in America. You want to make Dr Tedros a casualty too? WHO must not kowtow to the nauseating arrogance of the US. That bullshit Congress letter should be torn apart and thrown into the garbage bin.

The underlying hounding of Dr Tedros is becoming clear by day. Rise up Africa!

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