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Agitations Hit Valley View University Over Expensive School Fees

...As Students Petition Authorities
Agitations Hit Valley View University Over Expensive School Fees
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Sandwich students of Valley View University are infuriated at the university's entrenched stance on holding on to a predetermined fee structure despite the university's communication to students to stay at home and learn online following the president's order to all academic institutions to shut down.

According to the students, since they are not going to step foot on campus which would warrant usage of the university's facilities, other components of their fees ought to be dropped except tuition.

The Students' Representative of the sandwich students (Valley View University Sandwich Students' Association, VVUSSA) seem to have been sidelined by the university though it had attempted on several occasions to compel the management of the university to heed to the call of the students to reduce their fees.

Having observed the impasse between the university authorities and the Valley View University Sandwich Students' Association, a few students of the university who were student leaders at the College of Education decided to petition the Vice Chancellor of the university to intervene.

The petition among other reliefs seeks the following;

1. That the university reverses its decision on April 9, 2020 registration deadline and rather extend the registration period. This would enable sandwich students to prepare adequately both psychologically and financially for the sessions’ academic activities using the e-learning platform. To them, they believe the extension would also give management and the ITS directorate enough time to fix the technical challenges with the e-learning platform.

2. That, management of the university as a matter of urgency reviews the session’s fees since they would not be physically present on campus to use facilities, utilities and others that fall under the fee structure.

3. That, Management of the University fixes the technical lapses it identified with the e-learning platform with reassurance given to students on the success of the session’ academic activities using the virtual classrooms. They also want a second option to be adopted to take care of the needs of students who may still find difficulties in either signing up to the e-learning platform, downloading lecture notes, submission of assignments and writing of the end of session exams. To them, It is common knowledge that most students reside in communities where there is difficulty in assessing the internet.

4. That, the university provides a comprehensive explanation on how the objectives of practical based courses for Bachelor of Education in Information Technology students, Bachelor of Education in Mathematics students and Bachelor of Education in Accounting students would be achieved using the e-learning module considering the fact that this is the first time the University would be using it as a medium of instruction and has no previous ratings to prove its success over the years.

5. That, Off-Campus Teaching Practicum should not be added to courses to be registered for the session for level 300 students.

6. That, students who use MTN be given a chance to update their telephone numbers to either Vodafone or Airtel-Tigo in order to also be given data to access virtual classrooms if MTN refuses to assist students by providing them with internet data.

7. That, students who may not complete 100% payment of their fees not be denied the opportunity to write the end of session exams. Rather, other options are employed to deny them access to their results until they pay the full complement of their accrued fees.

The former student leaders have vowed to use every legitimate means to get their grievances addressed by the appropriate authorities.

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