04.04.2020 Feature Article

COVID-19: Mr. Mahama can we do people first and politics second?

COVID-19: Mr. Mahama can we do people first and politics second?
LISTEN APR 4, 2020

One day at dinner, I would narrate to my grand-children when they come for holidays about the role a proverbial ex-president played during a pandemic in the 2020s. I would tell them how one man enjoyed a bat soup in China and the rest of the world was asked to lockdown because that soup visited the world with a bad omen. With my imaginary eye, I could see the reaction on their faces already. I would tell them the world became very united as a result of COVID-19. The era witnessed a lot of sorrowful episodes all around the globe because people lost their love ones.

I would narrate to them the role of our security personnel during the time. Giving a good account of how some men uniform conducted themselves so well while a few meted out to innocent civilians corporal flogging likened to war times. I would tell them the great leadership the president exhibited during the time with a popular statement “We know how to bring the economy back. What we do not know is how to bring people back to life.” Powerful people across the globe commended the president for delivering such a powerful message of hope to the Ghanaian people.

I would further add that even though the world was united, the proverbial ex-president was unhappy. I would not be surprised that even in heaven fault finders would find fault. The proverbial ex-president made politics out every situation. Pained by the good works done, the ex-president had resorted to ill-intended sarcasm to hurt monumental efforts of the president in the fight against the COVID-19 menace. In his subtle advice to authorities, he always attempted to undermine the efforts of the government. What Mr. ex-president failed to know was that Ghanaians were not interested in partisan politics at that critical time of our national journey. Love for the country was extinct during his reign as president. It was a paradoxical time. In the middle of fear, economic crisis, and social distancing there was a growing sense of closeness. So many did not understand his position. This beautiful story could make my future grandchildren unhappy about you.

Mr. ex-president I admire you as a person. Be a true statement. I am not sure the above story is what you want to be told of you to the generations to come. In your own words, you mentioned we are not in normal times. Let’s eschew anything that seeks to divide us at this time. Can we do people first and politics second?


Stay Safe.

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