22.03.2020 Feature Article

Liberation Of Africa Continent Raise Up Africa Youth

Liberation Of Africa Continent Raise Up Africa Youth
22.03.2020 LISTEN

I represent Africa and I will want every young Africa to raise up with me to make Africa one again, I always remember the words of my great grandfather Dr Kwame Nkrumah “The independence of Africa is meaningless unless it is totally liberated to the rest of the Africa continent”

Yes, he has achieved his mission and now Africa has its independence but there is still one big fight. We need to break the borders that were created in Germany by the Europeans logically it was artificial borders that were created in Africa with any single African on the table in Berlin in 1884.

This is the European imperialism and this imperialism has continued to keep us divided and also causing conflict between the divisions they created. I saw South Africa attacking other Africans because their consciousness is that we are divided nations and we should not be together. That is how colonial borders were created.

I called on all Africans to stand up with me to lead the revolution “Africa Revolution” against European imperialism and lead the unification of Africa.

If we do not start it now there will be more divisions and cities within cities will attack each other. In Ghana they have been another community in the Volta region that want to have their own country from the Volta Region, In Nigeria, there is still an on-going conflict between the government of Nigeria and the secessionist state of Biafra.

Whiles the European Union is the strongest and biggest bloc in the world Africa has been planted that division between territories. This is why our resources both materials and human resource can continue taking our resources from Africa.

Marcus Gravy fought for us by return many human resources from the US back to Africa. Emphasizing unity between Africans and the African diaspora, he campaigned for an end to European colonial rule across Africa and the political unification of the continent. He envisioned a unified Africa as a one-party state, governed by him, that would enact laws to ensure black racial purity. He died in 1940 but his dream and effort were continued by many Africans that lead to Africa Independence.

I want Africans to join me in the Africa Revolution against European imperialism and we shall have united Africa for Africans.

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