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Epistles Of The Endtimes, Part 1: Just Like In The Days Of Noah

Epistles Of The Endtimes, Part 1: Just Like In The Days Of Noah
LISTEN MAR 21, 2020

Man was created by God and for God but unfortunately, man wants to live apart from God. Man, tribe and religion notwithstanding doesn’t have the liberty to invent his own ways to know or please God but unfortunately, no, certainly not this generation. Many have their own ways to reach God though diabolic.

The 4,300 religions on earth is traceable to man’s invention in trying to carve a path to reach God. It’s the reason some pour libations, others engage in spiritism and necromancy and others even kill their neighbors in an attempt to please God for a supposed reward. Let me tell you a story;

There was a strange man in the bible called “Prophet Noah”, he lived among a generation who never respected or honored God. As a matter of fact, the scripture says ‘the earth was corrupt before God and filled with violence’. The same way our earth today is filled with violence: people stabbing people to death just for a phone, humans killing humans because of money, armed robbery at the highest crescendo, men sleeping with men and women sleeping with women in the name of pleasure.

When God saw this abysmal act of man, he told Noah “I will destroy men with the earth, therefore making me an ark”. Bible history tells us that the ark was like 2 stadiums combined. And it took Noah 120 years to build an ark for the Lord. The question becomes if God created the world in six days, does he need 120 years to build an ark, no. The reason was to give allowance, mercy and more time for men to repent and be saved. But what happened? Man refused to be saved.

Why should a family of 8(1 Peter 3:20) be saved to dwell in an ark that can take over 10.9 million people? That means God in his wisdom has provided enough space in the ark to save any man who will respond to the message of repentance preached by Noah but man chose the drinking parlous over crusades, man chose sexual spree over gathering for bible studies, man chose to go on a vacation than staying to hear God’s word, and after the grace period was estopped by the disobedience of men, imagine what happened? Even animals that were not in the likeness of God’s image entered the ark and got saved though not having a soul, hmmm.

What an insult to redemption. Only men don’t obey the voice of God in this generation, even animals, stars, the sea, rocks, and inanimate objects are obedient to the laws of God but man. It is only in this generation that men backslide and sin brutally and still make a thud on their chest and say “I am not under the Law”. A stiff-necked generation indeed.

Jesus Christ PREACHED a sermon in Matthew chapter 24: 37-39 saying “For just like in the days of Noah were, so the coming of the son of man will be. For in those days before the flood, people were eating and drinking, marrying and giving in marriage until the day Noah entered the ark. And they knew nothing until the flood came and took them all away. It will be the same as the coming of the Son of Man”.

In this era of coronavirus pandemic, there are still prostitutes standing on our street covering their noses with masks and hands with gloves against the virus with no apology; we have respect for coronavirus but no respect for the judgment day. We still have pastors going to shrines to intensify their powers to prove they are anointed. We have records of young men flooding the drinking parlous to embark on a drinking spree upon hearing that a higher percentage of alcohol in your system can kill the virus, hmm.

The nations are also taking advantage of the system and trying to make money from this outbreak and God is in Heaven hoping that MAN will repent and return yet man says NO to God and YES to the pleasures of SIN. It was the same like the days of Noah.

It is my prayer that men, both black and white will look up to heaven with this prayer: “LORD JESUS CHRIST! PREPARE MY HEART, take iniquity far from me and Give me Life Everlasting. I am yours and yours I remain”. Sin and Hell will no longer be my dwelling or have dominion over me. Give me the wisdom to know that my days are few, Hence, I surrender to your will”. In Jesus’ name, AMEN.

R. Duafah

[email protected]

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