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18.03.2020 Feature Article

How a foreign virus is always defeated in Ghana than local foes

How a foreign virus is always defeated in Ghana than local foes
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The American president, Donald Trump, calls it a ‘foreign virus and the Chinese Virus’ and Scientists around the world call it ‘coronavirus’. The coronavirus has taken the world by a surprise and has shaken all nations; rich or poor, mighty or developing and people of all social differentiation.

Governments all over the world have taken imperative measures to stop the spread of the virus and to bring life to normality. As a matter of urgency, the government of Ghana made available $100 million as preparation money to combat the virus before the first case was reported.

Members of the opposition party (NDC) have expressed concern about the $100 million allocated for fighting the coronavirus. They argue that the amount is about triple of what the National Health Service (NHS) had requested. Meanwhile, president Nana Addo Dankwa Akufo-Addo has reiterated his resolve to fight what has now become a pandemic.

In 2014, the Government of Ghana in collaboration with USAID set up “National Preparedness and Response Plan for Prevention and Control of Ebola”. Ebola Center was ultimately established and suspected cases were investigated. Ebola could not enter Ghana. Similarly, polio was successfully eradicated in Ghana.

Local foes such as mosquitos, salmonella typhi, and road accidents are endangering our longevity. Shouldn’t every successive government allocate a contingency fund to fight the basic problems that are killing people every day in Ghana? Although, successive governments have prioritized healthcare in Ghana but we need more effort to successfully eradicate malaria and typhoid fevers.

As a nation, we have not done much to improve our sanitation. Everywhere is littered and the gutters are smelling. Tree planting is not booming anymore. Our clean waters have been polluted and turned into muddy pools and sand dunes by voracious illegal miners. All the gains made by Hon. Peter Amewu, the then minister for Lands and Natural Resources have been reversed.

Many people argue that construction of dual carriage roads may reduce motor accidents in Ghana. Others also think that on good roads, drivers over speed which also causes road accidents. Perhaps we need more funds to intensify road safety education and to enforce road safety rules. Penalties from road traffic offenders could be used to expand and maintain our road networks.

With all the enthusiasm for the establishment of the Office of the Special Prosecutor, the fight against corruption is non-existing. The poor young men who steal coconut, cassava, plantain, and goats are serving jail sentences of up to 10years. The nation is sick. Our institutions must work properly.

Undeniably so, we are very quick to react and ready to spend for and against everything foreign. National effort and commitment towards internationally-related cases are usually overwhelming.The irony though is that when it comes to the fundamental problems our approaches are usually lackadaisical.

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