The Ambulances that NPP Government Brought Will Create 1000 Jobs In Addition To saving Lives

Ambulances Will Create Many Jobs
Feature Article The Ambulances that NPP Government Brought Will Create 1000 Jobs In Addition To saving Lives
FEB 1, 2020 LISTEN

We are going and we will get there, the people of Ghana are very kind and hard-working and your work has given fruits to the current NPP government, I have no doubt that you will maintain President Nana Akuffo government in Power for the coming 2020 election.

I remember the promise he made, that he will acquire ambulances to every constituency in Ghana and in less than 4years the 307 constituencies have taken deliveries of modern-day ambulances with well equipped. To the people of Ghana, this signifies accountability and judiciously used of your taxpayer's money.

If we will all remember during the NDC era a contract was given to a Ghanaian to acquire ambulance and 56 ambulances were bought by the previous government at a cost of 80,000 EUR or $93,000 each which did not meet the standard to be used as ambulances. The Chief Executive Officer of the National Ambulance Service, Prof. Ahmed Zakariah, explaining why the service rejected the ambulances, said an ideal ambulance, right from beginning, is designed with the needed equipment factored into its manufacturing, but with the rejected ambulances, they had already been manufactured and improvised with equipment to look like ambulances. Your taxpayers' money was wasted and many people died as a result of this corrupt act.

The Ambulances are to save lives but in addition to saving lives, I must say the NPP government has also created employment for the youth in the area of the ambulance service.

The 307 constituencies will now have to employ drivers and other staff and in my own estimate, 307 drivers and 307 paramedics that will always have to be with the drivers in case of emergencies, so that is to say over 700 Ghanaians will be employed to work with the Ambulance service.

We have to always remember about good leaders and make sure we do everything possible to keep good leaders in office.

I say to people of Ghana never to stop electing good party into power and I will like to say that there is no party in the fourth republic who has been able to do what NPP has done in less than four years.

Therefore I ask all Ghana to vote and maintain NPP in Power this is not about just politics but it is about putting the development of Ghana first.

On behalf of Ghanaians, we say thank you, some may say the was packed for so long, there was a reason and the reason is to train staff to enable them used the tools in the ambulances to save lives and maintain the safety of the ambulances. As they say, it pays to wait.