29.01.2020 Feature Article

Mr. President A Ceremony To Commission Ambulances Was Needless.

Mr. President A Ceremony To Commission Ambulances Was Needless.
LISTEN JAN 29, 2020

The business of every government is to provide the basic social amenities for its citizenry. To this effect, I think the government of the day merits some applause for the decision to procure some 307 ambulances for every district in the country. The fundamental objective was to enhance emergency and health care service delivery which in my opinion was a good move.

However, what my mind is careworn to twig is the grand commissioning that occasioned the distributions of these vehicles in a ceremony yesterday and its attendant cost. Clearly, my people are in a haste to win a political capital without luster. Look, for a country whose independence is over six decades is expected to pursue and rejoice over the achievement of high impact projects that is in the interest of all. In my view, the minister in charge of health could be in a good position to champion an occasion like that. The ceremony itself was needless. The presidency should be seen busy with and slaying other important projects. Let me pause here for a glass of water but with two simple questions. Where are the drones? Is data available for their output so far? We need answers!

In very clear terms, people like me hold in very high veneration the president and do not expect him to engage in activities that promote or seek to promote mediocre. The supposed “grand” gathering yesterday juxtapose rather another unfortunate perception of leadership of my dear president. With all due respect Mr. President, this is to speak truth to authority, you are gradually becoming another conventional Ghanaian president. Busing party loyalists to Independent Square with the attendant cost provokes nothing more than laughter. Mr. President, is that the way you protecting the public purse with these type of ceremonies? I know we are in an election year and you need to make public more of your achievements but in doing so please know that the international community is watching.

Your achievements so far are impressive and could secure you an impregnable victory in the next general elections. In your bid to receive an overwhelming endorsement from Ghanaians for a next term, don’t become a president likened to drama a king that ascended the highest seat of our land in time past.

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