The Arrest Of Sammy Gyamfi; My Thoughts!

Feature Article The Arrest Of Sammy Gyamfi; My Thoughts!
JAN 27, 2020 LISTEN

It is of public knowledge that Sammy Gyamfi has been, remains and continues to be the greatest threat to the ruling NPP government led by the most incompetent and corrupt-driven Nana Akufo Addo and his cronies led administration. To say he is the greatest threat, to me, amounts to understatement; this is because he is the youngest and most vociferous outspoken opposition figure in the country who is bent on exposing the rot that has characterized Nana Addo's led administration since its inception in 2017 January. It was this same intimidation tactics that was meted out to our indefatigable dynamic Chairman, Hon. Ampofo, last year. The accusations and needless allegations never saw the light of day. All these are attempts to run down the opposition NDC so as to win them some political advantage

It is interestingly refreshing and mindboggling to note that even Nkrumah won elections whilst he was brooding and lamenting in jail. So for the arrest of Sammy, for all we care to know, is a repetition of history; it is not news! What is worrying for me is the inability of the NPP government to come to terms with the fact that the arbitrary arrest, intimidation, vindictiveness, threats and all manner of unsanctioned acts against the opposition cannot metamorphosize into victory for them in December 2020. These unsanctioned illegalities, ironically speaking, only have the impact of rather making the opposition figures more popular than their counterparts in the NPP. This is my source of delight when I ponder over all these acts. Nana Addo having tasted power after series of defeats from his own party and Our great NDC Atta Mills, has become power drunk to the extent that he wants to create a culture of silence and impunity that would make it impossible for Ghanaians to know the levels of corruption that are ongoing at the seat of presidency(the Jublee House) including the ministries and government departments.

Sammy, a renowned lawyer with vibrant communication skills, brave and bold but nut proud, has been on the neck of the NPP government since he was sworn into office after emerging victorious as the National Communication Officer of the National Democratic Congress (NDC), the only leading opposition party in Ghana. He is more or less an albatross to the government as he finds ways and means of uncovering the rot at the top herculean of government.

The above, in my candid observation, has been the cause of the vibrant Communication Officer's arrest by security services of this country, masterminded by government of the NPP.

I wish to appeal to the office of the president of the republic of Ghana, President Nana Akufo Addo, to use his office to, as a matter of urgency expedite action towards the release of our innocent, humble and law abiding communication officer, Sammy Gyamfi with immediate effect. Failure to do so, we shall resort to using all available constitutional means to ensure that justice is done to comrade Hon. Sammy Gymafi.

Yentik Gariba

[email protected]


Northeast, Sakogu

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