27.01.2020 Feature Article

Live Here With Us And Your Family - Ghanaian Leaders

Live Here With Us And Your Family - Ghanaian Leaders
27.01.2020 LISTEN

Dear Donald Trump, thank you very much for the first time, introducing a policy that debars pregnant women from coming to give birth in America. This option of coming to America to give birth was mainly exploited by politicians. Just this year, two powerful government officials, Dep Minister for Information who's the wife of Charles Bissiw (the galamsey man) and Napaga Tia, a presidential staffer came to America to give birth. There are several MPs and Ministers who send their wives to America to give birth for two reasons - to gain American passports/citizenship for the children and to avoid the shambolic healthcare system in the country.

So these government officials and politicians secure the future of their children and the safety of their spouses by going to America. By doing so, what it means is that they have lost hope in this country and believe the future is not as bright as they'd have us believe when they mount the political rostrum. Only the politicians understand how messy the country is. Why? Because they are the managers and thus, can smell and anticipate the stench of the rot they have created and presided over.

What for me is striking is that, by continuously chauffeuring to America and other developed countries to indiscreetly seek asylum for the children, their motivation to make this country a better place for all, is chauffeured along. They have no motivation to make Ghana better because they can afford better alternatives at the expense of the taxpayer whom they have sworn oaths to work for. What motivation would anyone have to maintain something which they can easily jettison for a better one without a hitch? Normal human thinking. This alternative approach probably underscores why there's no alacrity on the part of politicians to distribute the sitting ambulances nor to stem corruption nor open the new hospitals built under previous regimes nor to do what is right to make Ghana better.

If the politicians would go through what the poor taxpayer goes through everyday, they'd endeavour to make things right. If they'll suffer the pain of the taxpayer, they'll improve healthcare and other similar important services.

While thanking Donald Trump, I ask all other developed countries to institute similar measures to debar politicians especially from coming to give birth in their countries. I further appeal that, similar preventive regime should be extended to education, healthcare, and similar services. Politicians should not be allowed to bring their wards to your countries for education, not health care.

How can the Minister of Education, Director of Education, etc not have their children in public or Ghanaian schools? How can the health minister be given different treatment at our hospitals?

Dear Ghanaian citizen, let's insist on all politicians and government appointees MPs, Ministers, CEOs, etc seeking healthcare from the same healthcare system they claim they have bettered. They should take their children to the schools they claim have been bettered. They must feel our pinch in order for them to sit up.



By Alhajj Suleman, Germany

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