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23.11.2019 Article

Mediocrity, Bane For Road Infrastructure

By Edward Frimpong
Mediocrity, Bane For Road Infrastructure
NOV 23, 2019 ARTICLE

Road as an infrastructure plays a major role in the development of any country. Over the years, the populace had raised concerns about the poor nature of roads in this country but in all, no raft attention has been paid to curtail the deplorable roads of ours. This has engendered the populace to be livid to protest against the government of the Republic of Ghana.

Meanwhile, government has stimulated the implementation of toll roads for the maintenance of our road. Products that are used in constructing roads are not up to standard. Believe it or not, the products that are used for our roads are not of the highest quality because when compared between ours and those of other countries you could see a vast difference as theirs in good vehement shape and ours in deplorable state.

Moreover, every four years we construct roads. Many of the roads are not constructed well, it is very egregious to see smoothly constructed roads developing potholes within some months. I think the contractors who perform shoddy work don’t have the requisite skills, experience and wit to execute the work they are given. Others have inculcated mediocrity to use cheap workers, as well as inferior goods, just to cut down cost and to amass wealth without any beneficial consequences for our country.

Therefore, politicians are also the major cause of bad roads in this country, as money supposed to be invested in project is squandered. Some of the contractors are not given the needed money to be able to construct the roads on time, so they end up doing what they can do with their limited resources.

Now, to have long-lasting roads in our country, there is the need to entrust road projects into an independent body who can be trusted to ensure that mediocrity is not embedded in contractors memory.


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