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01.11.2019 Feature Article

Even A 'Humanless' Earth Won't Affect You

Even A 'Humanless' Earth Won't Affect You
LISTEN NOV 1, 2019

So what if I was never born? What'd I have lost in case I never became a living soul?

Procreation only satisfies the 'selfish' desires of the living and does the unborn no favours.

On this earth we are desperately destroying by the day, if you bring anyone here, you have done the person no favours at all. It's a place of suffering, a bit of fun, a place of sickness, a bit of good health, betrayal, hate, a bit of love, hunger, a bit of food, lies, a bit of truth: all ending in an inevitable death, rarely painless.

A place where majority suffer and a few really enjoy to the word. We come in here, take all the pain, fight to survive and eventually die.

If one day (let's say today', all the 7 billion of us here decide not to procreate again, the earth will be without a single human by 2170. Yes, in 150 years time, we will all be dead. If we all die and the earth is without a single soul, what are you going to lose?

Absolutely NOTHING.
It's only the living that is worried about what will happen to her assets when she dies, a dead man 'doesn't care'.

Am I saying giving birth is bad? No, I have two children and wont exchange them for anything. However, if I had none, I wouldn't kill myself to have one. Anyone close to me knows this. To me, having children is beautiful but not having one isn't any less attractive.

Instead of going over the top and putting all the pressure on our women and men who have no kids, we have to realise our collective responsibilities towards the living, how we can make life better for the suffering lot instead of validating the relevance of people by how many people they add on.

Any idiot can give birth, it takes special people to provide good care for the needy. Why can't we rather encourage the man without a child to invest in a poor kid, adopt an orphan and give him a future.

We overrate birth and underrate care for the living, this is why many poor people find gratification in giving birth to more children with no plan for their future while the homes of the rich gets dominated with empty rooms.

As rooms lay empty, a child someone is sleeping on the street at the mercy of the weather.

There is no child anywhere crying to be born, there are only adult desperate to bring them here and children going through pain for being brought here.

Unfortunately, our quest to bring in more kids is not matched by a desire to fix the environment, we are depleting it as if there is no tomorrow. We cut down trees without replanting them, we chock gutters with filth and burn gasses to destroy the ozone layer and yet, we care more about bringing more innocent lives into the mess than creating a better place for them.

The earth we were born into is better than where we are bringing these kids, they will be exposed to harsher weather conditions and more diseases than we ever would.

Why can't society be more interested in atoning for the wrong done the environment so that we don't wake up sleeping sperm to go and break an idle egg and bring forth an innocent child into an environment that isn't ready to welcome him?

Look, don't force people to give birth, that nonsense must stop.

If you are one of those who call people names for not having kids, I pray wisdom fall on you, if you are one of those who think people without children are inferior, I pray wisdom fall on you.

If you are one without children after years of marriage, don't let the opinions of the 'unwise' people above drive you crazy.

Enjoy your life, have some fun, create wealth and adopt a child. Sponsor someone's daughter, give a future to someone.

Parenting has nothing to do with giving birth, parenting is giving care to a child regardless of who gave birth to them.

Let's place more importance on making this world a better place for the living instead of putting pressure on people to add on.

The unborn don't need the living, the living needs the living.

Don't ask people when they are giving birth after they marry, it's none of your business. Don't hasten to give birth when you marry just to please people, that's how most of our parents ended up dying poor. Plan your family and bring in children with guaranteed reasonable level of comfort for them.

The is no virtue in giving birth, there is virtue in taking care of children. You don't have to give birth before you can take care of children.

In any case, if we all die and there is no human, we lose nothing. There is nothing wrong with you except being in the position to correct the wrong of someone who gave birth without security for the child.

If we look at life this way, the 'childless couple' might be the most important person on earth because they will be solving the problems of a 'hopeless living'.

Having no child shouldn't be so bad in any society that places premium on the living.

Change starts with a few who realise a wrong and resolve to be the agents of that change.

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