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05.10.2019 Feature Article

Introduce Patriotism and Self Confidence in schools not CSE and religious education

Introduce Patriotism and Self Confidence in schools not CSE and religious education
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Ghana is behaving like an Alzheimer patient who puts his money in a safe and begins to look for it everywhere in his wardrobe or closet. We all agree that progress is very much needed in the areas of population control, girls education, and other social statistics, however, cse is not the way to go. We have to forget about teaching sexuality in schools and religious education and leave these for the churches, mosques,and parents and guardians to do. Best sexuality education is done by the parents and religious bodies and not schools.

If we were serious as a nation about churning out good citizens through our schools system, cse is not the way to go. Instead we should focus on teaching patriotism to our young ones in school to love their nation and eschew corruption and corrupt practices. How to betray societal wrongdoing and reward good behavior. Ghana will prosper only when her people are taught to love our own nation better than other people’s nations. If Ghanaians are taught to be patriotic, future politicians would not steal from national coffers and send the loot to foreign countries. They would not assist the Chinese to destroy our environment while you can’t cut down a tree in China without permit.

Teaching young kids to be self confident would encourage them to think about how to make life better for themselves. How to control their sexuality. How to think about self reliance and stop over dependence on the government for everything from toilets to food they eat. It would afford them the opportunity to identify themselves with what former u.s. president Kennedy once said “ask what you can do for your country and not what your country can do for you”.

Self esteem individual Ghanaians would be very confident in negotiations with foreign politicians and not sell out Ghana for a peanut like it is being done presently. If Ghanaians were taught to be self confident they would shy away from inferiority complex and strongly negotiate for better outcomes on behalf of Ghana as against foreign governments and companies.

Who doesn’t know that in every negotiation entered into by our current political leaders, Ghana almost always receives the short end of the stick. This stems out of lack of self confidence in our leadership which must be seriously taught in schools if we want to overcome that. The average Ghanaian thinks that the white man is more superior to the black man something which we need to disabuse the minds of our people gradually through education .

Comprehensive sexuality education (cse) should be better handled by parents and religious leaders so as religious education must be the prerogative of parents and not the school system. Instructional hours in schools must better be used to develop minds for national development and not wasted on religious education that teaches people to rely on God for everything including drinking water and food when common sense suggests that God has given us rivers, streams and forests and good soil to take our own destiny into our own hands by exploiting these resources to our advantage. We need to educate our school children to be self confident and take their own destinies into their hands to change their own situations instead of folding their arms and waiting for God to rain manna from heaven to feed us. That is why people like Obinim and others are able to deceive even the educated people because they lack self confidence and want to rely on pastors to change their situations.

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