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05.10.2019 Feature Article

Is There Hypocrisy Around Ghana's Comprehensive Sexuality Education Controversy?

Is There Hypocrisy Around Ghana's Comprehensive Sexuality Education Controversy?
LISTEN OCT 5, 2019

Is there hypocrisy around Ghana's comprehensive sexuality education controversy, one wonders? Why are there no civil society groups advocating for all state-funded senior high boarding schools to be transformed into world-class day schools nationwide - to help prevent homosexuality from remaining entrenched amongst boarders, for example?

To quote an old wag I know: "Eeiii, Oman Ghana. Ebeeii. Hypocrisy be what - are our boarding senior high schools not cesspits of homosexuality, I ask? Over the decades, have senior students not buggered junior boys? It still goes on doubtless. And senior girls have selected supis from batches of new girls, too, to smooch and pet, have they not? As we speak, it is still going on. What are we going on, so, about?"

"Massa, is this not head-burying-in-sand-gone-mad? Why do we not rather ensure that our younger generations know exactly what the LBGT scene is about - so that when confronted with it, as they sure will, in time, online, if not in the real world, they will be able to deal with it as well-informed young Ghanaians, fully aware that their culture abhors it? Haaba."

Speaking personally, since I have direct WhatsApp lines to God Almighty and the Lord Jesus Christ, I really don't need any mortal being with a dog-collar (who might be, or might not be, an ace-hypocrite) to preach morality to me. I make my own rules - and live a morally upright life that unlike so many so-called Ghanaian born-again churchgoers, make me eschew lying, stealing, being an egregiously-corrupt individual and an unrepentant-serial-philanderer. Full stop.

Finally, if my grandchildren in the UK and Japan give birth to their own offspring, and I happen to be alive then, and they grow into teenagers who email me one day to tell me they have friends who they have just discovered have a different sexual orientation and ask me what they should do, I will tell them to be compassionate and not judge those friends, but to rather maintain their friendships with them - as long as they don't force themselves onto them. Such things will never change my love for them and their friends. After all, ours is not to judge others - but to leave it to God Almighty to do so in his infinite wisdom, is it not? Haaba. There is far too much hypocrisy around the comprehensive sexuality education palaver. Yabre mu!

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